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Best of / Worst Of Character Moments: BTVS

Best of / Worst of Our Characters:
Our subject of interest today is BTVS: "Passion"       *sob*

Our Characters' Finest Moments:

Buffy S - Buffy shows some real maturity when she basically gives Jenny the go-ahead to make up with Giles, even though she herself cannot forgive Ms. Calendar for not telling them all who she was and why she was in Sunnydale. It's a really big thing for her to do on behalf of Giles' happiness.

Xander H - I can't give Xan any kudos.

Willow R - I also can't issue a kudo to Willow.

Rupert G - Rupert Giles... bad-ass Watcher with a flaming baseball bat of fury. Awesome, and probably pretty shocking to our bickering vampire trio.

Cordy C - Sorry, Cordy - giving the Scooby Gang a ride isn't enough at this point. No kudos to you.

Angel, alas - for reals, is not in residence.

I want to give a special kudos to Jenny Calendar for working so hard to put Angel to right, rather than a) continuing her people's blood feud despite her upbringing and b) despite Angelus' butchering of her Uncle. She could've easily spun the other way under the circumstances, but she takes the gang's spite and does what she can to fix things, anyway.

I am also issuing a half-kudo to Spike's not allowing Drusilla to save Angelus from that baseball bat beating he was taking from Giles. It was completely self-serving, which is why I can't give him a full heroic kudo -- but, c'mon, that was awesome.

Our Characters' Suck-i-tude:

Buffy - C'mon Buffy. You really have no problem sleeping through a vampire wandering into your bedroom, sitting on your bed and spending an hour sketching you and stroking your hair?? A vampire who you already know is after you and your friends? C'mon!!

Xan - Xander. Man, I'm so tired of your jealous-ploy. Even when you've a girlfriend now, you're still being passive-aggressive with Buffy for being friendly with Angel, pre-Angelus return. She just wasn't that into you -- get over it.

Wills - I have no demerits to issue to our red head.

Rupert - Well, I understand that Giles is trying to keep Buffy calm and focused, but his non-panick at Angelus being in Buffy's room all night, without her knowledge until after the fact strikes me as all kinds of wrong. Why in the world is being so casual about this development?!

Cordy - Oh, Cordelia! And, yes, it always makes me laugh out loud -- but, you traded your grandmother's safety by pressing her into exchanging cars with you?! Really?

And, yes, once again I'm forced to acknowledge the awesome evil that is Angelus against my will. I simply must give him the special Anti-Kudo award for leaving Jenny in Giles' bed along with that whole romantic night 'wrapping for the gift'.
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