harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

Short Update

Cold and Windy.

Taxes Done -- refund; yay.

Nose gone crazy. Stomach gone crazy. Body aches starting in earnest. I knew I was sick -- been that way for the past 3 days, but now I'm thinkin' flu rather than just an end-of-winter/beginning-of-spring cold. Bummer.

The next review will be Angel & Faith #2. I was gonna get that done today, but right now all I wanna do is nap and nap. Wish I had some NYQUIL to knock me out for a few hours. I'll see how I feel later tonight.

Tomorrow is a mega-laundry day, assuming I'm not feeling half-dead. But if I don't get to the next review tonight, I'll push for tomorrow evening hard and we'll see what happens.
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