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Recommend... but only slightly and with severe caveats. [I know, right? Talk about backhanded.]

Okay, so this recommend is a bit confusing. Not only to you, either. This guy, 'otoobach' , reviews some - what I would call - extreme cinema on youtube. The reason I can recommend is because, being YouTube, he can't subject us to the appalling images that make up the movies he watches. But, I do like him a lot and even though there aren't any movies (thus far) I would risk seeing - there are a few [VERY few] that almost sound like they might be interesting.

He seems to specialize in the "out there" or "fringe independent" sphere. I'd recommend (obvs, isn't that what this post is about) viewing his channel. BUT -- there is no way in hell, I'd recommend buying any of the flicks he watches and enjoys.

You can watch these reviews since we only see his descriptions (but warning -- adult language) and responses without seeing the appalling [apparently] images. I happen to like him because he seems funny and really cute, but that is neither here nor there. {Don't you judge me; You didn't realize I was a dick-muncher??!}

I have to say though, there were some movie reviews that even I had to look away from/cringe at description of action. I'm saying this because I do believe in free speech and do believe we should expose ourselves to things that make us uncomfortable so we can be forced to examine our own opinions and prejudices/judgements but that sure doesn't mean I'd ever be interested in actually seeing/buying/reviewing these films on this site. For the most part in fact, I'd say -- No, Thank You.

But Mr. Otoobach is pretty amusing throughout (He has this extremely warped "Mr. Rogers" tone, despite the very NON-PBS vibe of the movies themselves).

Honestly -- the more I tell myself not to recommend this site because I don't think the fringe films could be considered 'art/movies' in any way, at the same time I do feel the need to challenge myself and anyone else of an open mind enough to at least consider discomforting themselves.

So -- take this as a RECOMMEND, but only for those more adventurous (and again -- you can watch the reviews without actually seeing the images, as long as you're not scandalized by words like "pussy", "fuck", and other adult words. This is a good place to begin if you've wondered idly about what your fellow humans are delving into in the fringe / true independent market).

So, there it is. Please don't email me outrage when you're subjected to descriptions of images that you'd just as soon didn't think actually existed in film. I warned you, square and fair. [And, like I said, YouTube restrictions have spared us from the actual images so we only get a second hand account of what he's watching --- not that it necessarily makes it any better, since there are plenty of folks who actually watch this shit and ENJOY subjecting themselves to it.]


You do get that I'm not suggesting you jump right on over and buy these movies, right?
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