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Latest Walking Dead.


OMG. Andrea!

Whereas many of the series I'm currently following on TIVO have started to wane (SPN -- Not that I don't still heart you, and you have improved... but maybe it's time for Jensen and Jared to move on to something new), The Walking Dead is still making my heart beat hard and fast. The latest episode was fan-freaking-tastic. Although, Andrea kinda pissed me off by being dumb.

First -- you knew the Gov was in that vehicle coming for you (after she was at that abandoned factory/warehouse), so why would you go into one of the buildings rather than ... oh... going behind it and back into the woods. You find a tree and you climb it. Nobody ever looks up anymore, since they're watching for zombies.

Two - Okay, you go in the building instead. Why do you keep walking around, instead of finding someplace to tuck yourself into and remain quiet until he gives up and leaves. The only reason he knows you're there is because you keep making noises!

Three - So, you've totally ignored my first two observances (and remember - this is off the cuff, I'm not even giving it hours of thought), why would you go directly to the prison? Yes, he knows you're going there. But to assume the zombies are going to get him was dumb. You assume he's going to get away, then you absolutely take a-roundabout-route and come to the prison from the opposite end. If you get into zombie trouble, you again resort to trees, either weaving around them or, if necessary, climbing them and thinking. It's not ideal, but you have to presume the Gov already knows where you're headed. You don't make it easy on him by assuming he won't cut you off. And, thinking people are far more dangerous than the wandering dead. You really need to think ahead, too.

But you didn't think ahead, Andrea. And you assumed that he'd die in the ambush you (brilliantly) improvised. Now you're stuck in the torture chair and giving me a practical heart attack. Dumbass. Man, oh man. Oh, Andrea -- Please don't be the latest 'old guard' to get killed!

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