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Best of / Worst of Character Moments: BTVS

Best of / Worst of Character Moments

BTVS: "Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered"

We have a caveat to include on this post. Obviously, with a blown-love-spell in effect, our characters are going to be acting OOC. We're therefore only going to include behavior for both before and after the magicworks. This won't apply to Xander, Giles and Cordelia, though, since they remain immune from the direct effects of the spell.

Our Heroes Get a Hug:

Buffy - Poor Buffy doesn't get any wonderful character moments before she's embarrassingly turned into a rat.

Xander - Alright, I do give Xan a little bit of credit for not accepting Buffy's passes. Not about the 'no sex' thing -- that should be a given. But, he had a shot at making out with her once, at least, but doesn't even consider it when he realizes what is happening. A half-kudo.

Willow - Willow is loads of adorkable fun, but there isn't anything to kudos over.

Rupert - Rupert does manage to pressure Amy into helping him break her spell, while she's under said spell and doesn't want it particularly broken. Kudo.

Cordelia - Cordelia gets a kudo for rushing out into a mob, including Willow with an axe poised, to save Xander's life.

Angel isn't in residence.

Our Heroes Get a Snub:

Buffy - Well... maybe a half demerit for just standing there while Amy is weaving her 'turn to rat' spell. A quick rabbit punch woulda done wonders.

Xander - Xander Harris, full stop. What he is planning on doing with that magic-whammy on Cordelia is way crossing the line for a little vengeance. In fact, Xan also gets a hard slap in addition to a full demerit.

Willow - I have nothing to complain about when it comes to unspelled Willow.

Rupert - Giles is also a-okay throughout the episode.

Cordelia - Oh, Cordy. Even for you accepting the gift from Xander, immediately breaking up with him (ON VALENTINE'S DAY) and keeping the necklace is completely tacky. Demerit upon you.

I'm going to have to give a special half-demerit to Amy for her ill-thought out attempts to cheat her homework by using magic. Obvs, magic shouldn't be resorted to for such things, anyway, but Amy is especially clumsy about it and that is really what gets her my black mark. BE MORE SNEAKY, AMY.

I also must give Angelus another anti-kudo (the kudos for bad guys). His presenting Drusilla with a fresh heart directly from a quaint little shop girl is aces; Y'know, for bad vampires.

In other news: That review. Uhhh... I-I kinda haven't been working on it. I will. But, yeah - more procrastination on this one.
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