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Best of / Worst Of Character Moments : BTVS

Best of / Worst of Character Moments

BTVS: Phases

Praise to our Heroes:

Buffy - Bending Cain's rifle stock. She destroys his weapon, she bends his metaphorical manhood outta shape, and she makes him leave Sunnydale and never return all in one action. Awesome.

Xander - Xander definitely gets a kudo for saving Buffy when she's too rattled by Theresa's taunting about "Angel" killing her under Buffy's watch.

Willow - Well, dear reader; I had assumed at first that I'd give a kudo to Willow for shooting Oz-Wolf with the tranq right when it was most needed. But, I think her power-moment was really when she hopped that fence, stopped running, and set up a "bash trash can into face of climbing werewolf" action. It was more clever, and she was alone and vulnerable and could have just dashed off panicking until she was tackled and killed. In the shooting scene, everything was moving so fast, so it was more of an instinct rather than a plan. KUDO to bashing Oz-Wolf in the face giving her more time to escape.

Giles - Well, I didn't find anything really impressive from Giles.

Cordelia - Cordelia didn't do anything for which I'm issuing a kudo.

Angel is out of residence.

Give our Heroes a Slap In The Head:

Buffy - Oh, Buffy! A simple net trap on the ground gets you?! Okay, okay, I know that you're really worried about the werewolf but still, I expect a little better from you. Demerit!

Xander - Xander... again & again with your pissiness? It's gettin' old, bud. I'm slapping a half-demerit on you for your jealousy. And no, your protectiveness of Willow where Oz is involved is not real concern for your friend. You are clearly just being possessive of her attention because there is a new guy moving into 'your' territory. It's unbecoming.

Willow - Hmmm. I think I get what you were trying to do Wills, but I don't like you suggesting to Buffy she be "weak" with neanderthal-Larry. I mean, she shouldn't throw him across a room, or anything, but she doesn't need to be girly-girl either. Quarter-demerit.

Giles - Our Watcher didn't annoy me.

Cordelia - Cordy didn't strike any bitca-warnings for me.

I was almost ready to include Oz as a regular lister, but I think Seth spent too much time away with Dingoes. But when he does do something inspiring, be assured that he'll get a special addition kudo (or that unwanted demerit).
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