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Best of / Worst Of Character Moments: Buffy's "Innocence"

Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments.

Today's subject is going to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer's "Innocence".

Gives Our Characters Big Hugs:

Buffy - I love Buffy's rocket launcher pose as much as the next guy, but I gotta make that part of Xander's kudo for his plan. So, Buffy
           gets one for leaving Angelus gasping and writhing. Totally understandable that she couldn't kill Angel at this early stage, but
           she does let him know that she isn't broken [or at least she can pretend really well as need be].

Xander - Xander comes up with a plan. It is a very good plan. It is a plan that works. His, Xander Harris, has a plan that actually stops
              the bad guy. Xander does. Season 2 Xander. KUDO.

Willow - I'm sorry, Willow. I didn't find anything awesome about you this episode.

Giles - Giles. You are the most flippingest awesome WATCHER ever. That scene in the car where he not only refuses to blame Buffy
           for what has happened as she clearly wants, but then adds that he respects her. KUDO -- with a huge hug.

Cordelia - I have to go ahead and give Cordy a half-kudo for helping with The Judge bits cleanup. So very out of character, but
                she does it.

Ang... uh... no.

Instead of Angel, we'll slip Oz in here because the man gets a huge kudos for being sooooo cool with Willow in his van by turning down her offer to make out with him, but doing so in a way that leaves her with a huge smile rather than feeling rejected.

Gives Our Characters a Big, Stern Talking To:

Buffy - Well... I totally understand it, please don't think I'm unsympathetic. But Buffy really lets Angelus hit her and knock her around
           A LOT. I feel so badly for her, but really... hit him back, already! I give a half-demerit.

Xander - Well, Xan -- I think I need to give you a half-demerit for being dumb. You know how Willow feels. You know that Cordy
               isn't the favorite person in the world to her. You know she's in the library walking back and forth to the stacks. Y'know
               where it isn't a good idea to secretly make out with Cordelia? Exactly. Now, why didn't you think of that before.

Willow - I'm not giving Willow any demerits for anything this episode.

Cordelia - I suppose that I must say something about Cordelia's lack of tact in the library with Xan, too. But she's not as invested in
                protecting Wills as Xander is, so I'm only giving her a quarter-demerit. And, I'd accept an argument that she shouldn't be
                given any.

Giles - Rupert was nothing but wonderful this episode.

And a Special Anti-Kudo (which is not the same as a demerit, but is more a 'oh, nice one!' for evil jerks) goes to Angelus for cutting Buffy down so brutally in that scene in his apartment. He played her insecurities like a harpist plucks strings. OMG. Total evil sleaze, but y'know, that's kinda what he's supposed to do.

Also, in review update news: I have about 35 minutes left to go with 'The Dungeon of Harrow' so I should have it posted late tonight or tomorrow.

I worked overnight, so I'm really starting to feel the drag now and need to get to bed for awhile. I can tell you also, that the next-next review will be Angel & Faith #1.
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