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Random Love - Pat Benatar

Hey, my few followers. I've decided to include a new feature now on harsens-rob called [yeah, see the 'subject line'] Random Love.

This is really about pointing out random bits [well, that makes sense] that I can't include under the other subjects, mostly because I just wanna link to something awesome that shouldn't be forgotten from my growing up period. There are some interests/artists/videos that are not just a "I remember when..." things, but are STILL admired, even though you'd think maybe they were a bit too [insert decade] for anyone afterward to notice.

Turns out... No.

This will be an occasional and irregular posting. My first post under this is: "Love Is a Battlefield" by Pat. For this random post, I'm only considering things from the past [i.e. my growing up period] that is still managing to hold interest.

As you can see with this LINK, where Avril is just as admiring of Pat Benatar and her awesome husband as I. And Yes, It Is So 80's. Obviously, I'm not the only one who cares not.

Edited to add: Hey! Did Pat leave home because she's a Slayer who never got called. Is that why she leaves home after her dad goes on a rant about leaving home and never coming back? It sure sounds a lot like Joyce telling Buffy to never come back if she leaves after shoving her away in BECOMING, PART II.

Things to make you think. And plot fanfic.

Edit to add this video of a performance from Martina McBride of "Promises In The Dark" ... which has a special appearance, which I'm sure will not be a shock to y'all, but it is awesome for that.

So, basically what all of this post is meant to say is "I Love You, Pat".
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