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Space: Asteroid Mining Plans.

Okay. It's not that I want to discourage the notion of returning valued and useful minerals to Earth from the cosmic debris that God (Or Chance, if you're agnostic) put in our solar system when we're ready to exploit them...BUT... I'm extremely doubtful.

Mostly because I'm quite, ruthlessly practical. I don't see our technology/economic advances being ready.


I want it to be done. That would prove to the entire world that the advances made by the former 'big bad', the USSR, the U.S. and the current only partially ambiguous baddie, Russia were right all along to send probes into intra-solar space were correct to do so. But, I can't help but think that even Corporate Evil Incorporated isn't ready to actually exploit meteor/comet wealth by mining.

But, man, would I love to see in my lifetime actual mining shuttles/probes actually doing so. There is so much that has changed in my lifetime, it would be Incredible for this sort of activity to actually happen. But, then I look at the stalemate/political!staredown-contest happening and I just don't see it.

Fuck. How am I actually thinking that Big Corp, Inc. [which I actually believe is generally evil, even when they're not consciously so] should ignore common-wisdom and show up the governments of the world?!?

Jeezus. Can I at least take comfort in Richard Branson being involved? Because if anyone can pull this off, it's him.

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