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Open Request: The Black Room (in case a 'search' comes across this)

I happen to have an interest in movie reviewing, especially among the vlogs/blogs set. You'll know this if you've gone through my tags, or are an internet-friend of this page. The point though, is that I like this because (a) I get to compare/contrast how I felt about a film versus how others viewed it and (b) [and the point of this post] because I often find movies I've never heard of and didn't know existed, but find I want to see because someone wrote about them.

My current movie that I'd be very interested in seeing is called "The Black Room".  This film has (as far as 'The Nasties Review' knows, and I'm not in any position to state he's wrong) not been made available on R1 [or any DVD] release yet. Just from the review that Mr. Glenn Criddle posted, I am very interested in checking out this film.

So -- If you happen to know who owns the current copyright, or [And Wouldn't That Be AMAZING] do own the copyright... please... release this flick as a DVD release. For region one, I'd recommend Anchor Bay or Criterion who both do generally excellent jobs with their presentation and their marketing of otherwise more obscure films of decades past.

This one looks like it might be unusual, but also of quality and I'd love to be able to see (and review) the film in full.

black room    (VCR? BETA? LASERDISK? Whichever, it isn't a DVD cover.)

I also want to encourage ANYONE breezing by here to make a sort of unofficial meme of posting requests on your own sites for not-on-DVD requests. At this point in our electronic development, it is weird to think that there are films out there not on this format. We need to let the 'powers.that.be', which I'm sure are just as internet savvy as the rest of us - at least - with a search engine, know that there is interest in films of the past.

-- harsens-rob
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