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Best of / Worst of Character Moments: BTVS' Surprise

Best of / Worst of BTVS Character Moments

Our episode up for scrutiny today is "Surprise". We're going to take a look at our characters making us proud and our characters doing things that don't make us feel so good about them.

And, before we get to it, let me just say how surprised I was with this one. Since I really love the episode and how it sets up everything for the payoff in Innocence, I had assumed that our characters were going to have some great moments to include... turns out... not so much. It isn't that nothing is happening, but more like our characters are going through a "day in the life" episode as the momentous events are building around them out of sight.

I found that really interesting when taking another look at the episode for this Moments posting.

Our Characters Rock!

Buffy: Much as I like Buffy and sympathize with her, I just didn't find any power moments... even in her fights to award her a kudo for.

Xander: Xan gets no rewards for this episode.

Willow: I'm gonna award Willow a half a kudo here, just because it's out of character for her to make a first move. It's nice to see
            her screw up her courage and talk to a guy that isn't Xander; And, she snags a date with Oz. Yay, Wills.

Giles: Giles doesn't go out of his way to be impressive in this one.

Cordelia: Cordelia... well, she's her, so not much to praise.

Angel: Alright, it is bad writing but it happened, so.... I have to give Angel a complete Kudos for his recognizing the threat of
           The Judge with nothing but an animated, armor wearing arm in a box. That was some... *ahem*... brilliant
           [read ridiculous] insight.

Our Characters Stink!

Buff: Okay, it is completely understandable that Buffy is upset at the prospect of Angel disappearing for months with
        The Judge's arm. BUT, I'm still giving her a one quarter demerit for sounding so whiney about it... it was that
         "But it's my birthday!" thing that pushed me over.

Xan: Xander! A quarter demerit for being jerkishly and vocally pleased at the prospect of Angel leaving Sunnydale.
                     EVERYONE knows your feelings about him and Buffy. Shut up.

Wills: Willow doesn't disappoint.

Rupes: Nothing bad going on with our Watcher.

Cordy: Cordelia is still receiving a demerit from me for her continued, and rude to his face about it, reticence in
            admitting to anyone that they are 'dating'. With her reputation basically blown already, thanks to spending
            so much time with the Scooby Gang these days, she really needs to either embrace the relationship or let
            it go. Either way, she could stop being so insulting to Xander's face about her ambiguity with the whole thing.

Fangs: Angel didn't do anything to irritate me.

I'm also including a special Demerit toward the Watchers Council for their apparently poor 'dangerous demon parts acquisition' team who apparently couldn't get their hands on one limb of The Judge to stop his being reassembled over centuries of time to do so. Major Fail for some department in that organization.
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