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Best of / Worst of Character Moments: "Bad Eggs"

Best of / Worst of Character Moments

BTVS: "Bad Eggs"

Ugh. This episode. Before we dive into our characters' behavior and choices this time out, we have a caveat: I'm not counting anything, naturally, in which our characters aren't themselves. Obviously, our episode involves mass mind control and ergo Giles' creepiest moment - throwing the parasite onto Joyce's back - wouldn't count. Considering how few moments of interest there are in this episode, you may be seeing a lot of "no kudos, no demerits" ... but let's get started.

Our Characters Shine:

Buffy - I have to give props to Buffy for managing to kill the Bezoar demon after she was dragged down into the pit with it.
           There wasn't a lot of leverage there to work with.

Xander - Alas, Xander did not have any effective character moments to praise him for.

Willow - Willow didn't get to do much before she was coopted by the Bezoar.

Giles - Giles was Giles-y a bit, but then he got taken over. No kudos worthy happenings.

Cordelia - Cordelia didn't get to show her mettle before she too was taken over.

Angel - Angel did jack-all.

Our Characters Disappoint:

Buffy - Allowing Lyle Gorch to leave at the end of the episode was very poor Slayer ettiquette. But it was also just stupid.
           Not to mention everyone he's going to kill, now. Nice going Buffy.

Xander - Xander, Xander, Xander. You're a dumbass. You already know that Cordelia is under mind control, so you
               know what you DON'T do in this situation? You don't turn your back on her... moron. You deserved to get
               hit in the head.

Willow - Willow didn't do anything annoying, until she was mind controlled. No demerits.

Giles - Nothing bad from Giles... until he was taken over.

Cordelia - Cordelia's only bad character moments are her continued insulting toward Xander, even as they're in a
                 relationship neither of them seems to want. I give him the same half demerit I'll issue to her here -- it's
                 just that he did worse to get a full demerit.

Angel - Angel did jack-all.
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