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Fanfic Recommended

We have fanfic recommendation!

It's been awhile since I've slipped one of these in, but I've found a very fun BTVS/SPN crossover in which Sam crosses over into the Buffyverse, and then Dawn crosses over into the Supernaturalverse, and then Castiel crosses over into the Buffyverse and Lilah Morgan also crosses over into the Supernaturalverse on behalf of W & H.


And our author, TwistedSlinky, manages to manage all of this crossover business by keeping our characters in character and  keeping the plot making sense.

So, I'm happy to recommend: "Through the Never"


So, the basics:

Sammy is in The Cage. Cas goes to get him out. He only manages to grab soulless!Sam's body, while his spirit gets left behind. His disembodied spirit *somehow* (okay, that was left unexplained) crosses over into an Orb of Thesullah in the possession of Dawn  Summers.

Meanwhile, Castiel and Crowley are working together to open the gates of Purgatory. But, Wolfram & Hart butt in on Crowley's side because one of their schemes requires an angel... and they know that Crowley can currently get his devious hands on one.

They promise Crowley access to a Key powerful enough to open Purgatory, which is how Dawn and disembodied Sam find  themselves transported back to Sam's home dimension.

Wackiness ensues.

The Good: I loved Dawn in this... she's snarky and funny, and that helps since she's the central character.

Sam, Dean, Xander and Buffy are all handled excellently. Willow, Giles and Andrew also show up and they're well used.

I like the way that the two universes are connected, while remaining distinctly seperated from one another.

A sequel is promised, which is a good thing because we have Dawn in SPNverse and Cas in BTVSverse. We've got a pissed King of Hell doing rather nasty things to Wolfram & Hart's liason, while they still have their plans in motion for two angels -- yes... Castiel isn't the only one, it appears, who may have made it over the threshold. So many possibilities, and I'm quite excited that the author is planning a revisit to the setup. I *really* hope the author follows through!

The Bad: Not a thing.

Other Thoughts: There is the bit of a logic problem in why Sammy's spirit would have had any interaction with the Orb to begin with. It's explained the Orb reached out and "caught" him, but since we're talking about two different universes here, that explanation on its own just doesn't track.

I'm a bit ambiguous on the ending with Dawn's choice, too. It works for me, I think, but I sure do want that sequel.

The Score: A great Sam/Dawn pairing tale with a nice plot, some wonderful characterizations and a plethora of possibilities for future tales. I can only urge the writer to revisit the strands she's left lying to pick up!

4.0 out of 5 stars

In other news: The Supernatural episode is half-done. It'll be posted sometime late Wednesday. I'm also working on the Best of / Worst of for BTVS: Ted.

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