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Best of / Worst of our Buffy Characters, doubled!

Best of / Worst of Character Moments series.

BTVS, Season 2

"What's My Line, Part I" and "Part II" ... we have a doubler!

Our Characters Impress Us...:

Buffy: In Part I, Buffy's best moment comes when the mysterious Kendra stands over her with an ax. Buffy springs up from a dead sleep, ready for combat... and it saves her head.

For Part II, I gotta go with Buffy dropping half a church on Spike and Drusilla -- that was absolutely awesome.

Xander: I'm not really in a mood to give kudos out to Xan in Part I.

In Part II, Xan does get a kudo for coming up with a way to defeat the man-eating buggy assassin.

Willow: I'm going to give Willow a half-kudo for her dedication. She stayed at the library researching so long, she actually fell asleep!

Willow is entirely too cute in this episode, but in the second half, I still didn't find any real moments for her. I'll give her half-kudo again for the way she leaps in to defend Buffy's honor from Kendra's slander [Except you do sometimes do that. But only with Angel... right?]

Rupert: I'm not of a mind to share any kudos with our Watcher in Part I.

In Part II, I have to give Giles a retro-kudo for just being him... again. When we glean the details of Kendra's upbringing to be a Slayer, as compared to how Giles treats Buffy, we can see just how patient and flexible he's been with her training and management. He really has put up with a lot that as a Watcher, he surely didn't expect to have to deal with but he has made the adjustment, instead of trying to break his Slayer to force her to conform.

Cordelia: Well, even though it may not seem like a big deal, Cordelia does give Xander a ride over to Buffy's house to check on her. Since we have to encourage Cordy with her baby steps until she goes full-bore Scooby, I'll give her a half of a kudo. With a promise of more substantial kudos to come.

With Part II, Cordy gets a full kudo for joining the gang to fight the Tarakan assassins to save Angel. She takes an active role in helping Xander defeat bug-guy!

Angel: Angel gets a big kudo for being sweet about Buffy's doldroms. The Ice Rink was so very thoughtful. [Well sure, assassin guy blunders in - but that wasn't Angel's fault.]

In Part II, I'm giving a kudo to him for at least trying to goad Spike into dusting him so that at least he wouldn't be used to return Drusilla to her full strength. Self-sacrifice always gets a kudo, even if it doesn't work.

We have a special kudo to give, as well: Oz gets a big, gold, shiny one for pushing Willow out of the way of a stray bullet. I'm also going to give Kendra a special kudo for Part II for assisting Buffy in rescuing Angel when he's too weak to help save himself after the ritual in the burning church. Considering Kendra's background, this had to have been rubbing all of her instincts wrong, but she does it anyway out of respect for her sister Slayer and the lessons that Buffy taught her about their not being alone in the fight.

... For A Minute, And Then Not So Much:

Buffy - "Stop being nerd-happy, Willow! I'm destined to die early. Me! Me-me-me, whine-whine, not fair- imminent death, me!"

Part II's Buffy's biggest problem is the way that she lets Angel's capture cause her to do something stupid. Like walk right into a trap while following somebody that she knows is a backstabbing weasel.

Xan - In Part I, I'm not annoyed enough by Xander's constant joshing to give him a black mark. I also feel the same way in Part II -- some of his sniping at Cordy is mildly annoying, but I'm letting him skate by.

Willow - In Part I, I'm also not giving any black marks to Willow. No, not even for her falling asleep after having been researching all night to help Buffy. She also doesn't do anything in Part II that would earn a demerit.

Giles - Geez, Giles... why so snappish? And, I'm talking about even before he gets worried about the Order of Taraka.

In Part II, Giles doesn't get any black marks. He snaps once when there is too much joking going on, but he's got good reason by that point.

Cordy - In Part I, I'm letting Cordelia slip by without any demerits. I do have to give her one though for Part II when she blames Xander and calls him a pervert for taking advantage of her in the aftermath of their kissing. Own your own actions, Cordy. Of course, since she starts kissing him again after the crisis is over, she obviously has no choice.

Angel - I'm not going to slam Angel over anything in Part I. I almost want to give him a demerit for being so pathetically wimpy in the cage at Willy's. That is mostly the script-convenience problem though. Okay, maybe I'll just slip him a half demerit for wimpastic-above-and-beyond-the-call-of-the-writing.


Do you think I've been too soft on somebody? Did I give out a black mark where I shouldn't have? Did I give the right kudo or demerit, but for the wrong character moment of awesome/suck?

Let me know in comments.

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