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Best Of / Worst Of Character Post: BTVS

Best of / Worst of Character Moments

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Season 2's "The Dark Age"

Y'know, I love the entirety of the Buffyverse with its complicated heroes who sometimes do bad things and its villains who
aren't beyond redemption... especially if it involves a vampire that wants to bang Buffy. For this reason, I'm really looking forward to reviewing the series in full even though it seems like I'm taking a hideously long time to do so. It only seems that way because it's true.

But this here posting is not about reviewing, so much as about reflecting. Our Best of / Worst of character moments:

LOVE, It's a Buffy Episode

Buffy, Slayer: I think for a character-kudos, I have to give it to Buffy's compassion. After everything that was caused directly by Giles' mistakes of the past, she basically just shrugs it off and tells him that she's okay that he isn't Mr. Perfect Watcher. Except for being upset and worried over him not talking to her, she doesn't throw any fits or go out of her way to make him feel like crap... and that's classy.

Rupert, Watcher: Giles doesn't actually have a lot of good moments in this episode, because the more of it is involving his really bad mistakes and those mistakes coming back to bite him. But, he does show a lot of class when Jenny tries to seduce him unexpectedly by turning her down because the moment isn't right. He didn't know it wasn't actually her at the time, but the demon possessing her. He's just a class-act.

Xander, Support-o-Friend: Our man, Xan, saves Cordelia from a sudden attack of the possessed Phillip-corpse when he busts out of the variable-strengthed library book cage of holding.

Willow, Compu-wiz Friend: Willow gets a big kudos for figuring out a way to defeat Eyghon, while also saving Jenny.

Cordy, Um... hmmm... 'friend'? 'Ally'?: Hey, Cordelia helps catch a bad guy! Sure, it's just Ethan, but still... a good kick there Cordy! I'm proud of you.

Angel, Vampire Boyfriend: Angel does the big defeat on the bad guy this episode... which VERY WEIRDLY also means we have to give a kudos to Angelus! EWWWW.

Well, sure to the love, but it only goes so far & right now you're stretching it:

Buffy - You TURNED YOUR BACK on ETHAN RAYNE. Frankly, you deserved that tattoo-ing.

Giles - I went back and forth on this one for several moments. I wasn't sure if I wanted to focus only on the here-and-now Rupert, or if I wanted to include his past. I've ultimately decided to include the past!Giles, so very clearly his worst moment was getting involved in summoning demons for possession in order to get a supernatural buzz. I mean there's rebellious and then there's "you fucking idiot, you helped killed your friend". Giles was part of the latter.

Xan - Xander doesn't have any moments that really make me want to punish him, but I am going to issue a half-black mark for his continuing to bicker with Cordelia. They're trying to research the Eyghon mess to help Giles, and he's busy being petty with her (not that she isn't guilty, too -- they're egging each other on).

Wills - Our computer genius doesn't do anything this episode to get a black mark against her. I suppose she didn't really have to snap so forcefully at Xan and Cordy, but since she didn't clobber them with a thrown book, I say she gets a pass.

Cordelia - Once again, Ms. Chase's black mark is all about her self-involvement. It's odd, even for her, that she wouldn't have mentioned at some point previously that Giles was being questioned by police in regards to a homicide. I mean, it seems to just slip her mind as her focus remains completely on herself. Just rude.

Angel - Hey, Angel did good this episode. He doesn't get any black marks from me.


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