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Nate Silver Love.

As you may or may not know, depending on how early you've started checking out this here journal-blog-thingie, I have a great deal of interest and respect for Nate Silver starting with the 2008 election cycle.

If you have only a casual interest in political news, Nate was pretty much roasted alive on a Fox News spit for suggesting probabilities that President Obama had a larger chance of re-election than Governor Romney had of election.

Yeah. Well...

Nate Silver was correct and beat all the poll hacks pushing false narratives, but are respected simply because they’re paid by the establishment elite. He’ll be serving crow on the mezzanine deck the rest of the month.

I may love you a little bit now, Nate. And congratulations to your spot on analysis... y'know, where you look at things like polls and trends and stuff instead of just saying what you want to be true as a fact and expecting the universe to cave to your big mouth. You're awesome, but I already knew that.


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