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Best of / Worst of our Buffy Character Moments

Best of / Worst Of ... BTVS' Character Moments

Welcome back to our mini-posts series where we explore our characters' shining moments of awesome, and their embarrassing moments of suckitude. Today our Buffy episode is "Lie To Me".

Oh, and yikes! My screen caps are these huge, full sized monstrosities. Obvs, this is when LJ moved everything over to wherever-our-photos sit now and I had trouble figuring out how to work the pic insertions.

Our Characters -- BE MY FRIEND, PLEASE!

Buffy Summers: Once again, Buffy's fine moment is intellectual. She can tell that something is off with her old friend, Fordham before Angel comes to break this news to her. Her mind is already working adding up the clues that he's been lying to her.

Xander Harris: I don't think I can find any great moments for Xander, here. He's pretty unpleasant with all of his jealousy this episode. No kudos for you!

Willow Rosenberg: Huh. I don't find any real good moments for Willow, either. She does the usual snooping on the amazingly-plot-specific internet connection Sunnydale has, but what she digs up isn't all that impressive. I'm gonna rule no kudos.

Rupert Giles: I love Giles for helping to support Buffy's emotional well being in general. I wouldn't say there is a 'power moment' or anything [of course I love the 'lie to me' scene at the end]. But, I just want to give him a kudos for being him. And, it's my miniseries, so I can. Kudos.

Cordelia Chase: No Cordelia in this episode.

Angel the Vampire: I don't really have any kudos to give Angel, either. He was suspicious of the duplicitous Ford first, but it felt less about his instincts and more about a random script development. No, no kudos for you.

Our Characters -- I DON'T WANT TO SPEAK TO YOU!

Buffy: I remain bothered by Buffy's decision not to use Drusilla a leverage to have Ford delivered to her before leaving the bomb shelter. She really did deliberately leave her old friend (I suppose ex-friend by this stage) to Spike and Dru. Despite his behavior and plans, he was still a human being and Buffy condemned him to death.

Xander: Xander is really an immediate bitch the moment Ford shows up. He really needs to get a handle on his jealousy... or at least being so public about it.

Willow: I don't find Willow's behavior here to be really bad. She does snoop on Ford behind Buffy's back, but she is investigating Fordham, not Buffy. And, I don't think there is anything wrong with her keeping it to herself until she finds something worth reporting. The only thing she would have done before was to stir up more trouble between Buffy and Angel. I can understand Buffy's hurt and anger, but I myself can forgive Willow pretty easily on this one. No demerit.

Rupert: Giles hasn't done anything bitchy, underhanded or incompetent in this episode. I find no reason to give him a black mark.

Cordelia: Ms. Chase wasn't in this episode.

Angel: I've given some thought to this one. Angel kind of sucks for not telling Buffy sooner about Drusilla and his history. Angel kinda sucks for going to Willow behind Buffy's back to investigate Ford. Angel kinda sucks for being so rude to pathetic Chanterelle. But, none of it urked me so bad I want to give him a black mark. I'm going to let him slide.

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