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Security Change

Sorry to the occasional anonymous posters who visit a particular page now and then. I've had to make it a bit more difficult for anonymous posters to submit comments, despite the alleged CAPTCHA being enabled.

I've been inundated with UGGS, upgrade your computer, and order this [insert product] at this here site for big discounts type of submissions and it's starting to become ridiculous. It's taking me too long now to go and delete all of these comments.

CHINA -- you are bad, bad boys and girls in this regard.

We'll see if this lightens my 'housekeeping' load. For those who just wanted to send a quick comment and now are faced with entering security codes, I really do apologize. I wanted to keep my site generally unrestricted and convenient for anybody to visit and post. But, alas, there seems to be a concerted effort to ruin that for everybody by the SPAM-fuc**ng Idiots.

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