harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

Now, I'm scared, too.


Did you know that we're still finding a wealth of new creatures that we didn't even know still existed? Yes, right here on Earth, this isn't another NASA love post. It's true.

And among those who help us know that we don't know everything that we know, and ergo we hate them because we don't like to know that we don't know everything, y'know, is the intrepid and anonymous lab worker.

Well, this particular lab worker has rudely decided to be known, rather than staying anonymous as the peon-worker class should (I know this too, I'm a peon-worker myself). Thankfully for us, because she's got her tongue firmly in cheek and is oh-so-amusing as she has decided to share with us the TOP 5 SCARIEST SPECIES (from DNA sampling of the sea).

You'll show her love with a click, won't you?

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