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Angel Review, I39 (Eddie Hope)


Angel, Season 6, Issue 39

Eddie Hope in "Sunset"

Story: Bill Willams, Artwork: Elena Casagrande & Walter Trono, Colors: Scarlet Gothic, Letters: Neil Uyetake

My Blurb: Last issue, Gunn was rescued from Eddie Hope. The blue devil was taken into custody.

Page 01: We open on a van headed down the roadway. Within it, Gunn, Angel, Spike, Illyria and Kate are driving back toward Angel Investigations.

Eddie Hope is hogtied in the back, on the floor. But, the potholes that Kate keeps hitting in this not-prosperous side of L.A. is loosening his bindings.

He's able to make a leap from the back of the moving van, faster than Spike can grab him.

Page 02: Eddie isn't hurt by the sunlight, whereas the vampires are so Angel and Spike are sidelined. More pressing however, is Gunn's exposure to the extreme cold that being locked inside of Hope's mystic ice powers caused. Getting Gunn to medical care is their top priority so Hope is able to get away... for the moment.

Meanwhile, Eddie is wondering how he can live the way he is - mangled hand (Illyria), bullet holes (Kate), beat face (Angel) - it's all seemingly stupid, now that he's thinking about it.

Page 03: Eddie makes it back to the cheap room he's been staying in since starting his crusade against the people who embraced their evil when L.A. went to W&H's hell.

Transforming back to his human persona ejects the bullet, but his hand is still broken up. He's still caught up on his stray thought back in Angel's van:

'Somebody else should have to be me for a while.'

Page 04: Eddie is able to get his motorcycle to the beach, where he spends some time staring out at the ocean. He's decided that he lost his way, probably when he stopped following his list to pursue Charles Gunn. He also decides that he needs to take a break.


He ends up calling home from the beach. Somebody (implied wife) answers in a state of shocked relief at hearing from him. He explains he had a few things to work out after he'd been hauled away from her by the other demons (during After the Fall?). He tells her that everything is okay now, and he's coming home.

The Good: *shrug* The artwork is nice.

The Bad: *shrug* He gets hurt, decides to call it quits for awhile; doesn't seem like this was much of a passion after all, does it? Why not just return to his list and stick to it?

Other Thoughts: After his finally meeting up and going head-to-head with Angel Investigations, this 'finale' is really limp and anti-climactic.

It also offered nothing that would justify the multi-chapter, dedicated pages to reach this ending. Disappointing end to this tale.

The Score: 2.5 out of 5


Next up: Angel number 40
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