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Angel review #38 (Eddie Hope)


Angel #38
(Eddie Hope)

'Knockout Punch'

Writing: Bill Williams, Art: Elena Casagrande, Colors: Ariana Florean, Letters: Neil Uyetake

My Blurb: Last issue, Angel Investigations invaded Eddie Hope's lair in order to save Gunn from the devil. He retaliated with ice powers. Angel punched him hard.

Page 01: We replay on Angel punching Hope. Eddie's voiceover thoughts indicate his disappointment in Angel's story of redemption not being quite true, as he's now trying to rescue a murderer.

He snarks at Angel over his shared killer-ways with Gunn. Angel snarks back that Hope has been wandering L.A. killing also, so now he's made Angel's list. Eddie compliments the return snark.


In the meantime, Kate has gotten behind Eddie and has her handgun pointed at his head.

Page 02: Unfortunately for poor Kate, Eddie's tail is prehensile and he's aware she's there. He starts choking her out.

At the same time, Eddie is able to head slam Angel into the nearby wall. Kate isn't just going to stand there and be strangled, so she shoots him through the tail.

He and Angel continue snarking, while Kate calls out for a little help.

With Gunn, Spike is breaking him out of his ice prison before he goes into fatal hypothermia. He instructs Illyria to help Angel before the devil ends up killing him.

Gunn tells her to save him some of that Eddie-ass, but Spike tells him he's being an optimist. Illyria gets 'determined/violent face'.

Commentary: Like with the main story, I like the dialog being bantered around. And, it's again nice to see Kate's bullets can have a least some effect. Although, this is also a bit of an issue with what we've seen of Eddie so far... he just seemed more resistant to injury before. It mayhaps explains, retroactively, why he was doing his sneaking around prior however. That's nice.

Page 03: Illyria shoves Eddie to the floor, and this causes him to lose his grip on Angel and to release Kate.

Before he can react to Illyria's intrusion into his fight with the other two, she's already grabbed him by his horns. She likes this as they make fine handles (*smirk* - I liked that, too). He takes a face slam into the warehouse floor.

Illyria opines that slamming Eddie into the floor was even more fun then hitting Spike and asks that she be allowed to keep him.

Commentary: Much like to Illyria's dialog. It's also pretty funny how short and easy her 'fight' with Eddie actually is.

Page 04: With Eddie knocked out, the gang discuss the fact that Laura wants Hope returned to the Hyperion for some-n-such reason. Meanwhile, Spike insults both Angel's non-listening skills, gives an extremely brief reference to his prior meeting with Eddie and snarks a bit with the thawing Gunn.

The Good: The snappy dialog is welcome.

Illyria's very quick take down was amusing.

Gunn's back in the Angel fold. I like that.

The Bad: Nuthin' but the annoying 4 page-bits.

Other Thoughts: A bit of a lost opportunity with the Illyria vs. Eddie Hope smackdown, that wasn't. But, eh.

The Score: These are tough to assign a real score to, because of their very short format. But since I've been doing it up 'til now, I'll find a way:

3.50 out of 5

Okay, that was easy.


Next up: Angel, Issue 39 (and yes, it too is two parts - even though I had hoped Eddie Hope's tale was just going to be folded into
the main story, finally).

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