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A "best of / worst of" sorta post.

A best of/worst of posting for BTVS, S2.

First, yes - I'm working on B, B & B. I'm about half way through now.

Second, well yes - I am still in a bit of a funk. Don't worry about it. I will get through this. I'm just obsessing on the ex at the moment. Half because he's left me so easily to concentrate on himself and half because I told myself after the first time not to allow myself to get in this position again... but I *effing* did. I'm an idiot.

But just *f that. Let's focus on the reviewage.

So, this posting will focus on the Best examples of our characters and those times when you think "Y'know... this character is kinda sad and pathetic". Our review of our character's growth or lack there of is for "Halloween". There is a catch on this one, though. We are only looking at Buffy, et. al. when they are themselves. Y'see (and those who are fans already know this, I'm aware) involves our character being altered by magic to inhabit the costumes they're wearing at the time of their transformations. Ergo, we can't include the times when our characters are posessed because it's hard to differentiate between when our characters are acting because of their inate natures and when they're being controlled by their costumes and the spell they're under. There are three exceptions: actually, that is the majority -- ugh -- never mind. The point is that Giles isn't changed, Cordy isn't changed and Willow is a ghost, but she retains who she basically is, so her 'post spell moments' can be included. Also -- Angel. Well, geez, only Buffy and Xander are actually affected by my 'exceptions'....

So --  Our Scooby Gang Are The Best!

Buffy: For Buffy's best, I can't think of anything in this episode except kicking Spike's ass following her de-spelling. You gotta think EVERYONE is at least a bit disoriented by what has gone on... but Buff doesn't even blink twice. She instantly sized up the 'stich, saw Spike hovering over her, and quipped and then ran him off with a Slayer-strength punch. Cool.

Willow: For Willow, I have to say her taking charge when she sees Buffy isn't capable is the high point. Now, later, this will be seen as a double-edged sword. We allegedly don't know that yet though, so this is a real power moment. She basically organizes everything to fight what is happening.

Xander: Hmm. I kinda wanna give Xan something for trying to, and being willing to take a beating for, Buffy's honor. It wasn't necessary, obviously. And, I'd understand someone claiming it wasn't his place, but for me, it says something about him that he'd be willing to not play along with Larry's innuendo AND to go that extra step of being punched out to defend 'her honor'.

In post-modernism this can be seen as a sort of insult to the 'the girl'. Like she can't take care of herself -- but I choose to see it as a friend willing to challenge behind-the-back talk of a friend. I like that. He gets at least a 3/4 point.

Rupert Giles: This is another one where I'm not sure where to stand. Part of me wants to give Rupert points on getting information out of 'old friend' Rayne to break the spell and saving [unknowingly] Buffy at the last minute. But... it is torture and beatings he's using which shouldn't ever be celebrated. I'm not going to give him kudos.

Cordelia: Cord stays cool under pressure during the entire crisis. Since she's a 'stuck-up, shallow, popularity-seeking, rich-bitch', I gotta give her props for not falling apart.

Angel: In this episode? I can't give Angel any kudos. He's... a slave to the script needs, alas.

Our Characters -- WHY?!

Buffy: For this one, I have to go with Buffy's selfishness. I know, I know, it may be at least a majority about Snyder putting the pressure on. But, Buffy's bitching about having to escort her young kids on Halloween for trick-or-treating feels really, really shallow since it is only for a few hours [supposedly before it actually gets dark, but this is a continuity issue]. She talks like her whole evening is ruined. It isn't. The dialog makes plain what the responsibilities are and guess what? NOT THAT BIG A DEAL.

Yes, Snyder doesn't really have any right to 'draft' students into this... but... Buffy is way-over-drama queening-about-the-affects.

Willow: I'm not giving Willow a dock for anything. Yes, she's shy and un-confident. I don't think that deserves a 'worst moment' black mark, though. As far as this reviewer is concerned, Willow is awesome here.

Xander: I'm not going to dock any points from Xander in this episode. Yes, I'll acknowledge that his taking offense by 'a girl' saving his ass from Larry is an 'ego' thing... this is totally teen-boy. I'd have happily risked [and, yes, knowing where it would lead (and did much earlier - but the two guys I challenged chose not to kick my ass)] and taken an ass kicking to 'prove my manhood'. I can only imagine the pressure that would be on a straight guy. I don't mark against Xan for wanting to take a few punches in order to 'protect' Buffy's honor. This is a completely understandable and (in itself) honorable action on his friend's behalf. He skates by with this guy.

Rupert: If Giles has to have a demerit for anything, I'd give it to his beating Rayne for information on what is going on and how to stop it. You'll need to see THIS to understand where I'm coming from, but I have to issue a 1/2 black mark on Rupert for his actions on Ethan -- even though I agree with them.

Cordelia: I gotta go with Cordy making a way-too-obvious play for Angel... mostly BECAUSE she knows that Buffy is interested.

Angel: Poor David, Poor Angel. He's so often hampered by convenience-scripting. It's just pathetic he'd be rendered 'helpless' by a few minion-demons so Buffy can be menaced.

Disagree? Hey, y'know I always am willing to consider other viewpoints and to (occasionally) argue about it. Comment!


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