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Yeah, I haven't started the review yet.

So, I was going to resist this little meme thingie, but I don't have anything else to post at the moment... and y'know... Lord forbid that I should not post SOMEthing every few days.

Really. When did this take over, exactly?

Anyway - snagged with thank yous from lynnylou, whose site is over yonder:

I present the OkCupid Political Test ... the third one of these I've taken that helps you see where you are on the political spectrum these days. Also, you should know this has been around since 2008, so you may recognize it. Whatevs. My results:


This doesn't shock me. I've always known I was socially permissive, at least in the privacy of your home. I also knew that I had very mixed feelings about the larger economic theory we live under. Capitalism is great... unrestrained capitalism is another thing entirely. If anything, I'm a bit surprised that my N/S axis isn't more northerly -- but on the other hand....

Anyway - you too can jump over and take the poll, if you're so inclined.

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