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Angel #37 - Eddie Hope's tale review



S6, I37 (Eddie Hope)

"Round One"

Writer: Bill Williams, Art: Elena Casagrande, Colors: Arianna Florcan, Letters: Neil Uyetake

My Blurb: Eddie Hope threatened to kill Gunn. He escaped and fought back. Eddie used his seldom-seen ice powers. Gunn was about to get the promised bullet through his head... finally....

But not finally enough. Angel's team has found Gunn and are now fighting Hope.

Page 01: Eddie, in thought-over, decides he's screwed with Angel and Spike breaking in on him. He decides to enact a plan to separate his team members from each other. To this end, he unleashes more ice powers, causing Kate and Illyria to fall on their asses (interestingly Eddie doesn't recognize Illyria as an old god).

Angel manages to vamp!leap above the ice, while Spike has dashed off to the side.

Page 02: Eddie next fills Angel full of lead, which of course won't kill him, but definitely slows him down from the acrobatics.

In the meantime, Spike trades on his past with Hope. We learn that Eddie did Spike a favor at some point in the past. This took place in "Spike: The Devil You Know".

Commentary: I do not have this title, so cannot tell you the specifics, except what for what is at the Buffy Wiki (thank you to all the contributors there). Mayhaps, I will get the trade one of these days, but not anytime soon.

The important thing though, is that Spike keeps Eddie talking which allows Kate to recover. She levels her handgun at his head and identifies herself as an LAPD officer.

Page 03: Eddie hesitates in killing Kate due to her cop status, but that doesn't stop him from kicking her in the stomach.

Spike meanwhile frees the hypothermic Gunn.

Illyria is ready to enjoy a new sparring partner. Eddie is able to block her attempt to bash him with a chunk of his own ice, but when he return-punches her, he only manages to break his hand. Which serves him right, actually. It's back to the ice blocks for his second attack on her...

Page 04: ... Or so it appeared. He's actually sent it through a window, so he can make a tactical retreat. But Angel has recovered by now, and he's not at all happy at being shot up. Angel tells Hope he's a dead man (sure).

Eddie laments that he's not going to make it, but takes comfort that 18 formerly-bad-guys are taken out.

Angel haymakers him, drawing a rope of blood from his mouth.


The Good: I like Eddie's mystical ice powers - especially that complex spell circles that appear above his hands.

Um. I like continuity -- a lot. So I'm glad to see a character previously introduced make an appearance, even though I never read that appearance. I'm sure I'll appreciate it more if I ever pick up "The Devil You Know".

The Bad: It was a lost opportunity for Illyria not to try to bust Gunn out on her own, so that we could have two or three glorious segments of nothing but Illyria fighting Eddie, with him realizing slowly but inevitably that she isn't just another demon walking around L.A.

Other Thoughts: Nothing I haven't already expressed multiple times.

The Score: 3.50 out of 5


Next up: BTVS, S2: "B, B & B"

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