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Angel #36 review (Eddie Hope)



S6, I36


Story: Bill Williams, Art: Brian Denham, Colors: Arianna Florean, Letters: Robbie Robbins

My Blurb: When last we saw Eddie Hope, he had just taken a pipe to the head by Charles Gunn. His plan was to have executed Gunn for the things he did in Hell-L.A. during "After the Fall". However, he'd gotten a phone call from his mysterious benefactor instructing him not to kill Charles. Gunn wasn't sitting around waiting for a bullet -- he managed an unlikely escape. The two are now facing off....

Page 01: Eddie takes a blow, but where we thought it was to the head, it had actually been taken by his horn. This saves him from a cracked skull, though he is stunned for a moment.


Eddie reflects on his predicament as Charles continues swinging.

Page 02: Gunn strikes him in the shoulder, as he points out that he's not the only killer in the room. He also complains about being blamed still for things that he technically didn't do (both because 'After the Fall' was reverse-timed, though everyone remembers it and because Gunn was a vampire).

Hope is unsympathetic. He also uses his strength and injury resistance to his advantage (which apparently doesn't extend to his skull?) and punches Gunn in the face.

Page 03: Eddie orders Gunn to get up. Charles does so and tries to goad Eddie into getting up close for more fisticuffs.

But, Eddie has ice powers. He uses these instead to freeze Gunn in place.

Page 04: With Gunn frozen on ice, Eddie cocks his pistol and readies to deliver the shot to the head, despite the phone call telling him not to.

Fortunately for Gunn this time, Angel and Spike finally make their appearance to confront Eddie Hope and save Gunn's ass.

Angel has no idea who Hope is, but Spike does recognize him....


The Good: Finally, Eddie comes into Angel's comic properly!

The artwork (which doesn't affect scoring).

Gunn is being well written, since he stormed out of Angel Investigations due to Connor.

The Bad: Nuthin'.

Other Thoughts: Is Eddie superpowered or not? His strength and level of resistance to injury seems to change to fit the plot. It is nice to see him use his ice powers again, since they've been largely ignored since we first saw them.

The Score: 3.25 out of 5


Next up: Angel #37 ... and then BTVS: S2, "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered".

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