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Angel review, #35 (Eddie Hope's tale)



S6, I35

"Gunn Smoked"   (liars)

Story & Script: Bill Williams, Art: Elena Casagrande, Colors: Arianna Florean, Letters: Neil Uyetake

Page 01: We open with Hope still holding a gun to the tied up Charles' head.

Eddie's plans on executing Charles for his actions as Vampire!Gunn in Hellangeles is interrupted by a call to his cell phone. Charles graciously offers to wait while Hope takes the call.

Eddie is instructed by an unidentified voice over his brand new cellphone, to which he has not given out the number, that he must not kill Charles Gunn.

Page 02: Eddie's caller indicates that she's a woman and that she can see him even though she's miles away from the warehouse where he has Gunn. More interestingly, she also self-identifies as the person who has been helping him pick out his targets over the internet.

And, she definitely has plans for Charles that don't include his getting a bullet in the head at this time.

Meanwhile, Gunn tips over his chair and is able to break it in half, allowing him to get a piece of wood to work at his ropes with....

Page 03: As Gunn gets free, Eddie is arguing with the woman on the phone. She indicates that there is a cabal of some sort directing Hope's activities, to which he is not very pleased.


Commentary: Okay, I'll admit that I do like this turn in Eddie's tale. But Gunn's escape is ill-depicted and entirely unconvincing as shown.

Page 04: With Eddie's attention on his mysterious benefactor, Gunn is able to grab an iron bar. He puts this to good use on Eddie's head....


The Good: Mildly interesting turn in Eddie Hope's tale.

I still like the artwork quite a bit.

The Bad: The ongoing complaint about not folding this into Angel's title, already, and stop this aside thing going on.

I'm very not-convinced by Charles' escape, and Eddie's completely not noticing.

The Score: 3.25 out of 5


Next up: Angel #36

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