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Angel Review #34 (Eddie's tale)

Eddie Hope


S6, I34 (Eddie Hope's tale)

"The Long Tale of Gunn(not according to this four pages)

Story: Bill Willingham & Bill Williams, Script: Bill Williams, Art: Elena Casagrande, Letters: Robbie Robbins,
Colors: Arianna Florean

My Blurb: The last time we saw Eddie, he was karate chopping Gunn in the back of the neck. Eddie Hope's entire deal is that he's a devil who is punishing those who took advantage of humanity in W & H's Hell-L.A.

Gunn, being a vampire then, was certainly among those.

Page 01: We open in a warehouse, where Gunn is tied to a chair under a lamp. Eddie sits nearby glaring at him.


Interestingly, Charles knows who Hope is and what his specialty is ... killing killers, with no irony.

Commentary: This is a really nice page. Elena and Arianna work well together.

Page 02: Eddie and Charles argue about what happened in Hell-L.A. and about Charles' culpability in it. Not to mention, whether it even happened, since the whole timeline was looped back. Eddie brings up a good point though to Charles' arguments that it did happen, as everyone Gunn slaughtered remembers being killed by him, even if things were undone in the end.

Commentary: Which, of course, muddles why Eddie didn't just shoot Gunn in the back of the head on the street. How's about explaining your motives, Eddie?

Page 03: Hope asks Gunn that if he's so innocent of what happened in Hell, then why does he keep acting so guilty.

Page 04: Eddie gives Charles a choice between choosing to die by bullet to the head (human death) or by being staked (vampire death). Charles doesn't choose, but just tells Eddie that he's making a mistake. Eddie chooses the gun for Charles and puts it to his head....


Commentary: *sigh* whatever

The Good: The artwork. It doesn't impact scoring, but it is some really nice work.

The last panel with Eddie holding the pistol against Gunn's head is nicely tense (however, is there any belief Gunn gets killed).

The Bad: Nothing.

Other Thoughts: Too short, as has been all of Eddie's vignettes. It's irritatingly so, now that he's interacting with the main Angel cast. Why is this still being treated like an aside?

The Score: 3.0 out of 5  --  there just isn't enough story because of the small number of pages used to advance the story.


The next review will be Angel S6, #35.

My basic plans are to barrel through Angel S6, I44 which will wrap up S6. That is a lot of issues, so you shouldn't be shocked if
I take a break with a BTVS, S2 and a Supernatural, S1 review somewhere in there. But, I want to get Angel done so that I can review
Buffy S9 and Angel & Faith at the same time.

Between Angel S6, #44 and Buffy S9, #1 I plan to do a movie review as well. It'll be "A Shot in the Dark" from 1935.

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