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Buffy review #39, SPN/BTVS cross over request

I have this finished and ready to post, but I'm running into a lot of problems with uploading the page images. I'll try to have this posted later today, when hopefully whatever the issue is won't be anymore because it's pissing me off. Done. Yay!

But, I'd also like to post a fanfic request: I would love to have someone grab the idea of a SPN crossover with BTVS, S8. The parameters would be that it takes place post S8, #39 (meaning the plot specifics are below the cut to keep from spoiling until the review is posted):

I would like to have a fic where post-Seed shattering, Castiel is stranded with Dean & Sam - cut off from Heaven and most of his reality-warper/teleport powers. With Cas being emotionally devastated by his severing from Heaven, and with him knowing enough that something has occurred in California that is the cause, Sam, Dean & Castiel head out there to find and correct whatever has gone wrong.

They eventually figure out what happened and then hunt down Buffy to confront her about her Slayer Army and what she's done to Castiel.

Must Include: Emotional freak out by Cas
                    Road Trip footage of Dean, Sam and Castiel with the Winchesters trying to hold Castiel together.
Bonus for Dean
                     being completed freaked out at Castiel's emotional/psychological pain
                    Dean's confronting of Buffy over what she's done being filled with pissed-unforgiving!Dean toward her and her not
                     being full of I'm-such-a-bad-person,look-what-I-did about it. Dean & Sam weren't there, so they don't know what was
                     going on or why she took the actions she did. She should tell them so.
Bonus if Cas recognizes Buffy and ends up
                     defending her, despite the effects on himself.
                   The Winchesters deciding on a plan of action to undo what Buffy did. Bonus for Sam only reluctantly helping his
                    brother, because he's more in tune with Buffy's decision after talking to her. Bonus for the Scooby Gang being
                    involved in trying to do the same thing -- or actively resisting the Winchester's efforts (or a split Scooby Gang). Bonus
                    if they ultimately fail and Castiel has to face that Earth is cut off from the Higher Plains indefinitely.

Not Include: Any of the Scooby Gang/Winchesters/Castiel being killed by each other. A bit of Dark is fine, but let's not go
                           ax-crazy with it, please.
                          Giles not having died. It is important to Buffy's emotional confrontation against Dean's anger.
                          Making the Winchesters or Buffy the villain of the piece. Ultimately, this is a situation - not villainy on either of
                           their parts. I'm much more interested in character dynamics and emotional storytelling rather than having a hero
                           vs. bad guy tale where one of our heroes clearly did an awful thing and must suffer.

Any rating, any pairing (or none at all), any ending your Muse tells you is appropriate, Bonus Suggestions above are just that - not
requirements to include!

Have Fun With It.

And, obviously please comment with linkage. Also, anyone who has read any stories where this has been approached or addressed from the SPN POV, I would love to know about it!


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