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You leave me be, I leave you be isn't working.

I've decided that I'll have to enter battle with my dread enemy (and another phobia) --  the wasps, who've made their nest inside the aluminum siding of my house. I wanted to leave them be, but now they're getting into my bathroom from outside, meaning they're up in the ceiling tiles.

I start the fog tomorrow afternoon, follow up with some RAID for the opening where they've been getting in all summer behind the siding and then follow the whole thing up with sealant later this week. I let this go on way too long (not only do I have the wasp-phobia, but I'm also an awful procrastinator).

I figured I'd just be cool with them buzzing outside of my bathroom window, and they'd be cool with not invading my shower or leaving their dead carcasses on the carpeting, where I find them later on the bottom of my socks sending me into immediate panic. They've decided they can just ... fly all over me... or crawl all over me... or whatever the bee-equivalent would be of the saying, "walk all over me".

Well, that does it. No more Mr. Patient Guy. I'm going to confront you, demons... from afar... like from work, with a fogger of poison.

Just thinking of them that close to me makes me start perspiring. I just want to board up my bathroom and leave it to them, but I hate port-a-potties more than I hate war on them, so... wish me luck that I don't accidentally poison myself.

Stupid Wasps!

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