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I Dreamt of Buffy Again.

I had another Buffy dream, which means I must share, which also means I'm trying to get in some sleep without assistance, which means the BTVS: S8 reviews aren't forthcoming today. The work schedule is undergoing its flip-flop, so it'll be the middle of the week before I can resume with anything approaching brain-wattage.

This dream takes place quite solidly in S5, shortly after "The Body". It may be in replacement to "Forever" ... I'm not sure. I wasn't present in this dream, except as the viewer of the TV show watching these events as if they were an episode. And, it only included Joyce, Tara, Buffy and Willow.

So. Joyce died.

But, then her corpse vanished from the morgue. It turns out that it had been stolen by cultists for reasons unknown. Unknown, because my dream started near the end of this 'episode' and I just sort of knew the background that had come before and this tidbit wasn't included in that knowledge.

Joyce was laid out on an altar slab in the middle of the room. Buffy was totally pissed about her mother being repurposed for diabolical plans and she was kicking ass in the background. Also, the room was seriously on fire. Tara and Willow were in the foreground, while we heard and saw flashes of Buffy beating the hell out of the cultists with the occassional sound of her yelling at them as she pounded them.

Willow... seemingly spur of the moment... whips out a super-spell to bring Joyce back since she was already prepared by the cultists as part of their unknown plot. Tara is unsure that it is a good idea to mess with this, but she doesn't exactly object.


Joyce sits up, and gets off of the slab. She looks very dazed and confused, as you could imagine. Willow is all excited-witch gal and even Tara is smiling proudly at her girl. Joyce then says Buffy's name as a question, as she still doesn't know what is going on. She is still looking pretty pale (like in 'The Body').

She suddenly collapses to the floor. She's died again.

Willow discovers that her spell was only able to restore Joyce for a minute or two. Her and Tara sadly hug one another, alternately gazing down at Joyce and turning away from her corpse.

Buffy continues yelling abuse at the cultists and beating them up over Willow's shoulder in the background. She never heard her mother, or noticed her brief resurrection.

And then I woke up.


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