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Best of / Worst of Character Moments (X-Files)

We have another entry in the Best of/Worst of series, folks!

In this installment, we'll be taking a look at the episode "Squeeze" from the X-Files. Let's see how Fox and Dana did....

Our Characters Were Great!

Fox Mulder: Hmm. I actually don't think Mulder was very impressive in this episode. I'll give him a kudo for his awesome memory for bizarre cases from 30 years ago and later. But, that's about it.

Dana Scully: Dana shows some real moxie in hand to hand combat against Tooms, which was pretty cool. It's far better than she does with a gun.

Our Characters Weren't So Great.

Fox Mulder: Fox, Fox, Fox. Why? Why are so interested in making yourself a pariah at the Agency, but what's more, why are you so ready to sabotage Dana's career? Quit making her look like a fool! There is no reason to spout of your theories to everyone in the building, when you already know they're not going to buy it. Dana even warned you that the FBI Violent Crimes unit knows your reputation and doesn't want anything to do with wild theories, and you still insisted on blabbing on about Tooms' being over 100 years old. It's one thing to piss off your co-workers for your own satisfaction, it's another thing to drag Dana's name through the mud alongside yours.

And no, the fact you're right doesn't change anything. You could have kept things between you and Dana until you could catch Tooms and prove things.

Dana Scully: Dana Scully... The Incredible Gun-dropper. Seriously, she has continuing problems with butter-fingers... with A LOADED WEAPON!

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