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Best of / Worst of Character Moment (BTVS)

Best of / Worst of Our Characters

Hi again, gang. Today we're going to be taking a look at another Buffy episode in our ongoing list of the finest and suckiest character moments in our tv-fiction 'verses.

We'll be taking a look at the obvious ode to how much men love nature's first pull-toy, BTVS: "Reptile Boy". I think I need warn you, however, that like so many earlier episodes the strong moments are quite weak and the weak moments are pretty lackluster. I'm convinced that the only reason I stayed with this series in the early years is because the first episode I caught nearly all the way through was SMG's performance in "Prophecy Girl" and so I knew where they could reach when they tried. Also - the dialog is often so much fun, that you kind of don't notice the plot is lackluster and dull until you really look at it later -- say, by reviewing it.

Our Characters Make Us Proud to Know Them:

Buffy - I like Buffy's using a frat boy's sword of sacrifice against Machida.

Xander - Xander punches out a bad guy, and not just any bad guy either - but a football player!

Willow - Well, obviously Willow giving what-for to Giles for driving Buffy into premature old age and Angel for being so indecisive about his involvement with Buffy is not only the highlight for her character, but for the episode.

Giles - He punches out a frat boy. Yeah, there isn't much here for someone of Rupert's alleged abilities.

Angel - Uh, he punches out a frat boy (ditto).

Cordelia - Oh, no. She doesn't get any power-moments in this episode.

Our Characters Make Us Deny Knowing Them in Public:

Buffy - Buffy gets a few weaker moments, like lying to Giles so blatantly and allowing herself to be pressured into underaged drinking, but I find all of it understandable and very teen-agey, so I don't fault her. HOWEVER -- I must say that she spent way too long in those chains being cowed by frat boy, instead of using those kung-fu feet of hers to break his kneecaps.

Xander - Xander tried to do the right thing for the wrong reasons by keeping an eye on Buffy, but then he went and got distracted by food and girls. And, this led to him being rousted and humiliated. See what happens when you don't keep your eye on the task at hand? You get clumsy, and caught.

Willow - I think Wills did a fine job. I suppose you could dock her for keeping Buffy's secret partying from Giles, but I'm not going to. He was being a jerk.

Giles - Speaking of... he's being a jerk. Just because Buffy is the Slayer doesn't mean she's on duty 24/7! She needs to be a girl, too, or she'll end up being burned out and dead. You can understand Giles' wanting her to be prepared for everything after The Master business, but he's being too demanding on her.

Angel - You know what, Angel? You need to shit or get off the pot with Buffy. Your passive-aggressiveness in regards to dating her or not is getting really irritating (and I'm not even going into the whole 'dating a high schooler' because of the weird circumstances involving the vampire thing -- I just want him to make up his mind and be clear with her about his intentions).

Cordelia - Never, ever play the "everything you say is so interesting, fake-laugh" thing. You're better than that Cordy -- and your potential love interest is a douchebag.

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