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Why. (NASA Love) [And future message]

The explanation as to why this is so huge to us.

[Obviously, those who are our children won't understand when they're grown.]

NASA could have so easily failed, Children. And, Congress-As-Of-2012 is looking for an excuse to write NASA off as a waste of expenditure, which would have put America back decades. After all of the things we went through. We persevered
through multiple tragedies to make what you take as common-place possible.

Please. Don't let politicians let you believe that this doesn't serve a purpose. Don't let them convince you that this isn't important to mankind. Because, as the preferred demographic gets younger and younger, those who thought they'd be the generation to introduce space colonies and routine space flight to Luna Colony look to you to make this a reality.

And if you buy the 'special interest group' messages, believe me... you'll find The United States of America falling further and further behind to China and India and Japan, and whoever comes to dominance in the future.

This is important. The Voyager probes prove that U.S.A is important to further knowledge. Don't let ideology take this away.

- harsens-rob

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