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Best of / Worst of our Buffy Characters

Best of / Worst of Character Moments:

As I work my way through the latest X-Files episode review ('Squeeze', which is probably the finest of season 1's edited to say, '"no it isn't"; I remembered it more fondly than I should have -- though I do love Eugene Victor Tooms as the villain), I take this moment to share with you my choices for particularly nice character moments, and those that really makes our Buffy crew suck.

Today's episode is 'Some Assembly Required' :

Oh, Characters, How Much I Love You:

Buffy: Huh. I'm afraid that despite the Buffy-face time, there are really few scenes where I'd say Buffy is being awesome. I do love when she catches Eric's thrown blade out of the air with ease, so I'll give her a small kudo for that (It'd be worth more enthusiasm, if he wasn't just a psycho-high-school student).

Xander: I didn't think that Xan was going to get even the small kudo I gave Buffy. I didn't remember that he actually saves Cordelia's life from the fire in this episode (sort of, anyway -- the fire stunts are rather tepid and too safely done to generate tension). He therefore gets a full kudo for that save. Good goin', Xan.

Willow: Willow doesn't get any really shining moments here. She does her usual computer nerdiness to get the convenient information they need. She also drags Eric out of the fire, but Giles could have done that by himself. I think I'll give her half of a kudo, since she's the first to figure out why their baddies didn't use the heads that they already had for their zombie-girl (that darned embalming fluid is an issue).

Rupert: Well, you can argue how 'good' it is, but Giles did save Eric's life by dragging him from the fire filled science building. Taking the risk gets him some kudo action. (Even though, I'd just as soon he didn't bother -- stupid, psychopathic Eric.)

Cordelia: I'm going to give Cordy a kudo for her inner strength and resilience. She actually gets put through quite a bit in this episode, but none of it drags her down (but, this could also just be a benefit of her uber-shallowness armor).

Angel: I'm sorry Angel, I can't give you even a partial kudo. You really don't do anything, and you disappear on Buffy for non-explained reasons.

Oh, Characters, Why Are You Annoying Me:

Buffy: How, Buffy? How did you allow a reanimated high school football player knock you stunned to the ground?

Xander: Y'know what Xan? I'm getting really tired of you trying to guilt Buffy for liking somebody other than you. I get it that you're probably extra unhappy that she likes a vampire. I can even sympathize with that detail. But, get over it... or at least keep it to yourself.

Willow: And, Willow? You need to quit giving Xan the ol' hurt face, passive-aggressive thing toward Xander, too. I'm sorry that he just doesn't see you as dating material (at least at this point), but that's the way it is. Get over it... or at least keep your disappointment to yourself.

Cordelia: Oh, Cordy. You were just nearly abducted, so what do you do...? You wander away from a crowd of people and then don't even exhibit situational awareness so that you can then be nabbed again with ease. Stop TRYING to be a victim, okay?

Angel: What the hell, Angel? Let's just forget the relationship stuff for the moment, because you and Buffy are both being whiney about that. What I want to know is just how the heck you vanish during a case?! Did you just have an important program to watch on TV that evening?

(Oh, and also, I laughed at you when the newbie-vamp nailed you in the face with that spade.)

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