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Best Of/Worst Of SPN character moments

Supernatural Best of / Worst of Character Moments

"Phantom Traveler" (the opening plane scene still creeps me out just remembering it)

Our Boys are Sexy and Brave and Heroic:

Dean Winchester: Huh. Dean is really a very supporting character in this episode with all of the heavy lifting being carried out by Sammy. Dean's best moment, I think, is agreeing to get on the plane, despite his utter terror about it because he won't let Sam go to potential death on his own (which is really just part and parcel of SPN -- the relationship between Dean and Sam is so well built).

Sam Winchester: It's Sam who actually, and successfully, performs the exorcism that saves his and Dean's doomed flight.

John Winchester: (only mentioned) --  No kudos, no way.

Our Boys Are (fill in the blank), but Still Sexy:

Dean Winchester: C'Mon Dean! The DEMON IS IN THE COCKPIT!! The whole episode is about the planes crashing! You didn't find it in the aisle seats! This isn't complicated.

Sam Winchester: DITTO

John Winchester: You're pissing me off. You disconnected an old number, so Dean had NO WAY of getting in touch with you or knowing if you were alive or dead. Then, you reconnect the number... but you don't bother calling your son to let him know you haven't been dead for months. You are being a shithead.

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