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Best Of / Worst Of our Characters (Buck Rogers)

Best of / Worst of Character Moments:

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, "Plot to Kill a City, Part I"
  (with Part II below -- it's a twofer!)

OH, WOW - How awesome are our characters:

Buck: This episode breaks my heart a little. I love the plot. I love the bad guys. BUT THE SCRIPT IS JEEZUS-GAWD AWFUL.

Which, unfortunately, affects Buck Rogers the most. I cannot give him any props whatsoever. The only reason he doesn't fail over and over in his critical mission is because of script-protection. Everything that he does that could be sorta cool of him is undercut by the script cheating.

Wilma: The script isn't helping out Wilma any either. I will give her a point (no matter how minor a one) for actually leaving Buck behind when he doesn't show up for the rendezvous. I like that she maintains her professional attitude, despite her personal worries (I also like how she shorts out that bitchy AI unit).

Doctor Huer: Script problem. Oh, so big... but this is for good character action: The whole plan to infiltrate the Legion of Death... with a backup-up plan, even, was largely conceived by our good doctor.

Dr. Theopolous: Dr. Theopolous saves the entire hanger bay, all of the ships docked there, and dozens of peoples lives by his taking quick command of the situation during a sabotage event.

Twiki: Sorry, little Ambuquad. You get the zero kudos along with Buck. Zero to You... And, shut up - you're not funny.

OH, NO, Our characters blow chunks (and the script makes them so damned DUMB):

Buck: Oh, my gawd, Rogers! Your first scene and you're already trying to get yourself killed by being stupid. He confronts a deadly assassin and threatens him (cover story is that Argus murdered Buck's brother and he's there for revenge)... without your weapon drawn. And, he stands right there - out in the open - as if it will come as a complete surprise that Argus might be armed... and deadly... I mean he's only an assassin, who could've seen that one coming?

Hint: Everybody

Wilma: Wilma, Wilma, Wilma... You're undercover, darling. That means that we generally don't pack our Defense Directorate uniforms in our luggage and it most certainly means that we don't wear it, while we are supposed to be maintain our cover!

I mean, I know IQs dropped drastically while Buck was in suspension, but HONESTLY.

(On a side note: I love Ripley asking the corporate board woman if IQs just dropped suddenly while she was away in ALIENS.)

Huer: JEEZUS, THIS SCRIPT. Okay, so the Directorate offices have been bombed... more than once, mind you, despite their heightened security measures. But, it takes Dr. Theo and Buck's arrest by the police space patrol for him to twig onto the fact that maybe they have a spy inside working for the terrorist plotters. Really. No, really.

Theopolous: Theopolous... computerized brain trust that he is... doesn't consider that mayhaps the terrorists are able to get a bomb into a secured room inside the Directorate around their enhanced security because they have an inside man. Until, that is, Buck gets intercepted by the police fighters on his undercover mission (whose plot stupidity I already ranted about in the review, so let's just focus here).

Secured Room in Directorate HQ is Bombed = Huh? Wha? How?

Buck Rogers Gets Intercepted by Police Command Because He's Posing as an Assassin = OMG, WE HAVE A SPY IN OUR MIDST!

Twiki: The same faulty programming in Theopolous is also in Twiki, so I will not dock him for being an idiot. He's still unfunny, but that's not really a huge character flaw. I must conclude that he gets a pass from me... only I do it wordily.

And, "Plot to Kill a City, Part II"

OH, Characters -- You Be Cool!

Buck Rogers: Um. Buck is really, really good at instantly sizing people up. He trusts Joella and isn't betrayed. He makes friends with Varek easily, despite him serving the bad guys and he ditches Barney as soon as feasible.

Wilma Deering: Wilma blows up Quince real good (What? This script isn't giving me lots to work with).

Huer: I've mentioned before liking Huer's ruthless streak when it comes to protecting Earth. This time it's his casually ordering Marcos to the mind-rape gizmo when he won't cooperate in order to save New Chicago from being obliterated. He doesn't like it (as he shouldn't), but if that is what it takes to save millions....

Dr. Theopolous: It's implied that Theopolous' (very late in the game) analysis is what allowed them to identify the mole in their midst.

Twiki: Wow, Twiki... you really had extra-shit-all to do in this one. No kudos for you.

Oh, Characters -- really?!

Buck Rogers: I did not realize just how much Buck fails in this episode until the scene by scene. But, for all Buck's relative unimportance to this whole plot - he's not really badly handled or does anything really terrible. I will have to dock him for all of the time he spends dicking around with Joella, instead of focusing on his mission to save the city and all of his friends. He really should have left her behind somewhere and gotten on with getting a warning to Earth.

Wilma Deering: Wilma's only true flaw (no, I'm wrong... see Huer's entry next) was how she didn't bother securing her prisoner. Marcos was unconscious, but she had no idea how long that would last... especially with his surgical enhancements, and yet she left him slumped over IN THE CO-PILOT's CHAIR.

Dr. Huer: I'm sorry, Huer -- but Jeez-Louize, you are fucking dumb. And unobservant. My problem with him this episode though, is his rushing in to confront the mole ahead of actual security WITH NO WEAPON (which also applies to Wilma and Twiki).

Dr. Theopolous: Huh. Y'know, I don't think I can really slam Theopolous this episode. Wait, yes I can. WHY didn't he have security running constant sweeps of sensitive areas, like Huer's office, for listening devices AFTER he knew they had a spy?! I knew there was something stupid he did... uh, didn't... do.

Twiki: The annoying one had so little screen time, he really didn't have a chance to eff up -- but I do have to have him share a negative point with Huer for that confrontation of the mole without any sort of hand weapon (and yes, Twiki can use them -- he did it in the pilot).

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