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Best Of / Worst Of ... our FBI Agents

Best of/ Worst of Character Moments

We present Fox Mulder, FBI Agent Extraordinaire... or Insensitive and Odd Jerk


Dana Scully, Stalwart Partner... or Suicidally Dumb Agent

"Deep Throat"

Our Characters, We Hugs Them So:

Fox - Well. Once again Mulder (as I pointed out in my review a few times) is ranting like a loon with nearly zero evidence and despite Dana having completely valid and rational counterarguments. So, like in "Pilot", I'm finding good moments difficult to come by. He WANTS to shoot himself in the foot with his bosses!

I do like how he charmingly and easily handled getting information from the waitress, though. At first he just seems to be chatty-Cathy, but he was actually digging for info.

Charming, Cute, Disarming... and clever.

Dana - C'mon... Dana took an entire air base hostage at gunpoint to get her partner back; And THEY GAVE HER WHAT SHE WANTED, INSTEAD OF SHOOTING HER.

Our Characters, WTH?

Fox -

My Dearest Fox Mulder,

  When you are being chased by a military jeep, it is not useful to run straight ahead of it down a runway, where it can easily speed up and cut you off. You are not Steve Austin. Jeeps can go faster than FBI Agents. You're a genius... please do this math problem.

Your Friend (who'd like you to not be brain-wiped in future),


Dana - Special Agent Scully's handling of firearms is appalling. I don't know which to be more annoyed at her over: The "leaving your gun unsecured in your hotel room" or the "I'm trapped in a car with an obvious bad-guy banging to be let in... so I immediately fumble my pistol and drop it".

I believe that I'm going with fumbling the gun... but it's a close call.

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