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Wacky Dreaming

Yay, I have a wacky dreaming entry!

So since I'm not working this evening, I chose to forgo the usual 'magic pill of restful rest' today. That may actually be a mistake, simply because it is another miserable day of feeling like I'm trying to breathe through a wet rag. Humidity is awful, temperature is another scorcher, the house fairies didn't install air conditioning while I was at work... it's just all around miserable (wait, I used that adjective already... well, never mind, it's completely apt --- actually, today I think it may be more pleasant out of door, than in my bedroom, which is really unusual).

Unlike as per usual, though, I actually managed about 90 minutes of sleep! Good Day!!

But, even better is that I have a Buffy-verse dream to share. Nothing for SPN this time around.

It was your basic slasher scenario and took place on this dream version of Harsens Island that has always been remarkably consistent from dream to dream. It is basically combining several real life elements, including the houses around various places I've been, views from Marysville, MI area in which you can see 'Chemical Alley' in Canada, and views from downtown Detroit across the river into Windsor, Canada. Even though it is combining all of these elements, like I say, it is remarkably consistent from dream to dream.

So, anyway, I was running from the usual implacable/unstoppable/relentless killer. But rather than just being a fake (y'know the usual nutso that the final girl stabs, shoots, drops heavy objects on, shoots again... but still manages to open his eyes/disappear at the end for the hopeful sequel), it was some sort of demon/space alien (in the dream, I kept thinking alien but that doesn't make sense considering my guest star's appearance).

I had psychokinetic powers, but it wasn't the cool 'hold out palm and blast' kind. It was the slightly more silly 'scrunch up face and wave arm enthusiastically' kind.

I was with Willow. I believe this took place sometime during S5 before she took on Glory, where her magic was strong - but hadn't reached uber-levels of plot convenience (this is more so in S8). We were in a running battle against the alien/demon, which actually looked exactly like this thingie here, except he had a heavy, leather skullcap. Willow kept saying we had to stop and hole up until Buffy got there (alas, SMG did not guest star), but I kept yanking on her arm because y'know that hiding while being chased by the unstoppable killer is the way that the not-final girl gets killed.

She was tossing magic behind her and I was doing the 'scrunch face-n-wave', but it wasn't having much affect (the way these things usually work). Then suddenly I was crouching near the side of the house on a deserted street and it was dark, but with bright moonlight (and everything was tinted blue... was this bad day-for-night in my dream?!) and Willow wasn't behind me where she was just a moment ago. I don't know if she decided that my constant running was dumb and took off, or if the alien/demon grabbed her silently and offed her without my noticing (happens in slashers all the time), or if she decided to make a stand... I dunno.

I was debating with myself whether to backtrack and try to find her, and ergo probably run into Mr. Implacable again or whether to write her off and keep moving. Yeah, I know, that's pretty ruthless... but it's a perfectly logical and sensible consideration.

We'll never know which I decided to do though, because I woke up.


Weirdly, my second dream was also about a flippin' serial killer. I may have to do a slasher review next... perhaps "Friday the 13th" or a giallo.

But, anyway, this one is less clearly remembered. I do know, that it involved myself still in high school. There was the human-type nutso and I was in the house alone. He was doing the usual stalk-n-slash and I was trapped in the bathroom (which is as per usual with this sort of recurring dream, because in real life it's the only interior door with a lock on it). However, I short circuited the dream by pushing out the window screen, jumping out onto the driveway, and running off down the block. I woke up... apparently successfully leaving the killer behind who thought he was hunting down the typical dumb teens who didn't know enough to just leave. Hah, Suckerrrrrr!

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