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Recommend for us BTVS/SPN crossover-ers


That is all at the moment. I should have BTVS: Phases done by Sunday... presuming that Mother Nature doesn't kill me. I'm sure you're all aware of the ridiculous heat wave we've been having across the Midwest right now. Well, Michigan also tends toward high humidity, for that extra specialness. I don't do well with the high heat/high humidity combo-punches. One or the other? I'll deal. Both? I'm on the mat.

Did I mention, I don't have air conditioning?


After Phases, I'm not sure if I'm doing another movie review, or jumping right into the Twilight arc for the Buffy S8 comics. I plan to work through reviews Buffy S8 for all parts of the Twilight... thing... before any further reviews, so I may go ahead and throw a movie review in there first. And, if I do need a break from the Twilight... thing..., it'll be quickie "Best of/Worst of Character Moments" posts. Or editing my older reviews, because I've seen yet more mistakes... spellings, mixing up their and they're... etc. Grrrr.

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