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Angel #33 review (for Eddie Hope's part)


Angel #33 (Eddie's ongoing mini-tale)

"My Dinner with Gunn"

Story by: Bill Willingham & Bill Williams, Script by: The latter Bill, Art by: Elena Casagrande, Coloring by: Arianna Florean,
Letters: Robbie Robbins

Page 01: We open in a diner, where Gunn is speaking to the waitress as he picks up a large take out order.

Commentary: I'll assume this is for his old gang, since he's already left Angel Investigations and his plan was to reconnect with the street squad.

At a booth, Eddie Hope is sitting and probably still stewing over Gwen's trickery. He overhears Gunn's name, which immediately catches his interest. As we know, Hope has some serious hard-on for vengeance against anyone that made people suffer during their time in "After the Fall". He's in his human guise, at the moment so as to not draw attention.

Page 02: We get a flashback: Eddie had actually delivered a package (in human guise) to his headquarters. But, since this was during a time when Gunn was still under the delusion he was a good guy trying to protect people, the encounter doesn't end violently and Gunn probably wouldn't even recognize Eddie.

Page 03: Eddie gets up and leaves, but he's also bothered that Gunn hasn't been staked (Yes, he's aware Gunn is human again, currently).

He thinks to himself that Charles isn't on his hit list, but that he's also never been made to pay for his crimes in the W&H LA. He decides that if he should stretch his rule about only going after people on his list for anyone, it would be the ex-vampire, Gunn.

Page 04: Charles leaves the diner, but Eddie intercepts him from behind. Gunn gets a judo-chop to the back of the neck, and Eddie congratulates him for making his list....

Commentary: Does he immediately pull his gun and shoot Charles? Right.

The Good: Since I'm bored by the Eddie Hope excursions, it's nice to see he's making his way around to being incorporated properly into Angel's title finally.

Eddie still looks hunky and hot, so he's at least easy on the eyes... in both forms.

The Bad: Nuthin' really.

Other Thoughts: Hmm. Why didn't you just kill Gunn, if he's suddenly on your list?

Also, these sequences are just annoyingly short, so it just isn't working for me as an ongoing interruption of Angel's title.

The Score: 3.25 out of 5


Oh, and next review will be BTVS: Phases.

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