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Review Eddie Hope's latest (Angel #32)


Angel #32 (Eddie Hope)

"The Getaway"

Story by: Bill Willingham & Bill Williams, Script by: Bill Williams, Pencils by: David Messina, Inks by: Gaetano Carlucci,
Colors by: Giovanna Niro, Letters by: Robbie Robbins

Page 01: Eddie is on his way from killing nemesis Crane for the things he had done during "After the Fall". He's found it not quite as satisfying as he'd hoped.

Commentary: Interesting. Compare Eddie Hope's storyline here against Connor's feelings toward Gunn; it appears that they may be setting up Eddie to go after Charles, and that is how they'll finally bring him into the Angel comic proper. Why did it take this whole dedicated sub-story to do? I can't shake the feeling that they have/had much bigger plans for Eddie... like his own series... and that is really what they're trying to set up.

He runs into a random woman and knocks her on her butt.

Commentary: And we know her, but we don't know we know her, because her character's face has never been consistently drawn.

Page 02: In a text box, we're told that Eddie Hope is an Ice Devil and is very tired and very hungry. The woman is Gwen Raiden (not that you could tell that by looking at her) and that she has an 'electric personality' (groooaaan) and is very charming.

So, Gwen, tells Eddie that she was being held prisoner at a mansion on the other side of some hedges she just came through. She reports that she was injected with some sort of nano-tech and the lab at the mansion is now trying to claim she's their property.

Eddie is at first a bit non-plussed, but that doesn't matter when some armed men burst through and inform them that they're holding property of the Morimoto Corporation and they want it back.

Page 03: Gwen begs for Eddie to not let them take her. Eddie Hope goes on the attack against the armed men, but finds something really, really odd. They're dressed in rubber suits.


Page 04: Well, with the men's suits ripped up by Eddie, Gwen can now reveal she isn't as 'damsel in distress' as she first appeared. She zaps the guys and then jumps into a sports car and takes off. She thanks Eddie for his help in giving her her lead back.

Eddie realizes that the bag she was carrying was actually what the "property" was that the security guys wanted back... he just got played by the electro-thief!

"I hate this town," he grumbles.


The Good: It was a cute interlude, I guess. It's always nice to revisit Gwen and I like how smooth she played the 'big hero' into helping her steal.

The Bad: Just the matter of how short these Hope interludes are and the way they're dragging out, instead of just incorporating him into the main story, already!

Other Thoughts: I'm getting bored with Hope's mini-arc. Also, Gwen looks like random-girl.

The Score: 3.25 out of 5

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