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It's been a few days, so an update.

I'm currently struggling to figure out which I shall review next. Part of me wishes to dive back into Buffy, because it's frankly taking me too long to get through reviewing the series. Part of me wants to spend some quality time looking at a blank word doc until I can get something for 'spanderverse', though I think I do have an idea or three. Part of me wants to do a movie review next... but which? "A Face in the Fog (1936)", "The Land Unknown (1957)", "Dr. Cyclops (1940)" or "ALIEN (1979)"?

But then, I think... "Wait, you, didn't you mention getting back to that Angel S6 comic... an issue or three, I seem to recall you saying!" At which point, I ignore myself, but I really should get to that. And, of course, that leads to the Twilight wrap up for BTVS S8 -- which I should really get to, too.

So much to do... so little time..., and I really should do some vacuuming and counter cleaning sometime soon.

I have a feeling I'm going to wander BLIP.TV, instead.

But, Charles? I am reading through the story you sent me as well. I have more overtime this week at work, but I'll try to have something for you by next Wed. at the latest with whatever ideas might crop into my mind as I reach the end of what you've got. I already have an idea, but since I haven't reached the end yet, you may have already covered it. I'd like to have 5 solid plot ideas before I email you back.

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