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Wacky Dreaming.

Ah, sleeping-pill free sleep... the opportunity for my mind to do weird things. Like having interrelated dreams to other dreams that I've dreamed before, for instance. And, also very, very occasionally - Fictional Universe Dreaming! My favorite type of dreaming.

Last night was a sleeping pill free sleep. And, I was blessed with not one, but several fictional-universe-dreaming related dreams! It was a good night.

So, what do I mean by "Fictional Universe Dreaming"? This would be anything revolving around one of the shows that I'm currently a fan of but is usually referring to one of the top three: Buffy, Supernatural and The Walking Dead.

I mean, obviously, all dreams are fictional universes of their own since usually the laws of time, space, physics, logic, etc. go right on out the window and new (sometimes just barely recognizable) rules take their place.

So Dream One was Buffy-adjacent: I was on the set of BTVS and interviewing David about playing Angel. I don't remember the questions, but I think they were mostly decent fluff type questions about motivations, interaction with the other cast members (in which any dirt wasn't really implied to be asked for nor expected), how he feels about the changes in his character, etc. I believe this was around early Season Two, prior to the Angelus arc.

I don't know what this was about, since I don't watch ET or um, that other entertainment fluff show... Insider? Or...  something... I have a vague image of a plasti-person with dark hair, fake smiling a lot. Whatever -- anyway it was an Entertainment Tonight type fluff dream and none of my questions were digging deeply, so it was pointless dreaming.

Dream Two was un-fictional universe dreaming related involving a common motif in my dreams: The "something bad happens while driving" dream. In this case, I managed to stop at a red, after I'd already gone through it and had to use my rearview mirror to see when the light turned to green so that I could drive on. Why didn't I just continue since I was already that far past... I don't know. But, when I did start accelerating again, I nearly ran over a curb and then I went completely blind while driving.

Dream Three was back to the Buffyverse... but again, was a universe-adjacent dream. I was back in the role of interviewer and on the set of Angel. It must have been sometime in S4, because I was speaking to Charisma Carpenter about Cordelia Chase. She was polite, but distant, and my questions were more pointed about the behind-the-scenes things going on, as well as the usual fluff about how wonderful she is and how Cordy was such a dynamic character and suck-up, suck-up, suck-up. It was clear that Charisma's entire mood darkened during talk about the upcoming part she'd play in the Apocalypse Arc and I could tell she was very unhappy with what was happening to Cordy.

Dream Four was the Supernatural-verse. I was traveling with Sam, Dean, my brother and somebody who I don't recall and may not know. I get that a lot, too. Characters who I don't know, but have this whole personality and sometimes semi-major to major roles in my dreams (they'll even displace people that I DO know, taking important 'screen time' away from the people I SHOULD be spending time with). I don't remember much about it. We were in a motel with a "deep woods" motif... looking vaguely rustic cabin-ish on the outside and with lots of wood paneling and browns and dark greens on the inside. We were gearing up to drive to somewhere on the hunt for something... and we travelled in a monster truck.

Hmmm. Five people and all our gear... thousands of miles crisscrossing the country... monster truck. Okay, I don't know. I'm not even an avid monster truck fan or anything.

Anyway, Dean and I were definitely on intimate terms. There wasn't any blatant sex, but I did get to kiss Jensen on the mouth (which was returned) and I got to grab his ass.

I think there were some dreams going on between Dream Four and the next fictional-universe-dreaming, but they must have been more mundane because I don't remember any details about them. See, another thing about sleeping-pill-less sleeping is that I can't stay asleep. I'll wake up every 40 minutes to 2 hours and then take anywhere from 20 minutes to hours (assuming I'm able to go back to sleep at all) to fall back to sleep. I put up with this, because a) I hate feeling  dependent on the stupid generic Ambien [even though I really am] for my sanity and b) more importantly - I don't want its effectiveness to wear off. So, I only take it 4 to 5 days a week, leaving a few days where I'm dragging the next day. (Hello, today.)

Anyway, Dream Five was more of a Joss-adjacent dream. It actually did have Dean again, but only in what amounted to an extended cameo. He was pissed at me, I think. And I believe it was related to this particular dream's motif... which was superheroing.

Superheroing is another one of my recurring dream elements. My superheroing dreaming usually (but not always) involves flying somewhere to do something, but I never actually arrive before I wake up. Sometimes, I do get to rescue people from burning buildings and fight off bad guys, but not nearly enough to be proper superheroing.

This particular dream had to do with my decision to fly up into space to do something heroic to save the International Space Station from something vaguely threatening. I have very clear memories of this dream -- the exact problem I was supposed to be volunteering to address wasn't included. Anyway, Dean ends up ignoring me because (I think) he was afraid about what was going to happen while I was in orbit. (Another common thing is that I can ignore inconvenient real life issues about space travel like oxygen, all that radiation from the sun, being in a vacuum, lack of gravity... etc. etc. It makes my dreams highly convenient, since I need not fuss around with spaceships and spacesuits.)

Of, course, in keeping with my usual dreams, I first have to fly across the Detroit River to Canada for no real reason. I seem to have an obsession with visiting Canada over the rivers that separate us, even though I don't really DO anything when I get over there.

Anyway -- as I'm thinking about my mission with no details, I find out I'm going to be saddled with Iron Man. This is the Joss-adjacent connection. Iron Man is Robert Downey, Jr. and his suit looks like the movie version. (Which I haven't seen -- this is all based entirely on commercials and the video review clips I've seen online.)

I was a bit miffed that Iron Man was coming, because I figured that would just introduce a complication into the mission if his suit should have any failures and I had to then deal with rescuing his ass, on top of the vaguely-menacing-but-detail-free mission to the I.S.S.

So... after saying good-bye to the sullen and not-speaking Dean Winchester, we took off. Imagine how pissed I am now, when I look back at Earth and see not just Tony Stark, but that damned War Machine following, too! Now, I have two suits that could have a mechanical breakdown and cause me to have to rescue those idiots!

No, I have no idea why I had such a poor opinion of Iron Man and War Machine. Sure, when I was into Marvel Comics, Tony always struck me as a douche but I liked Rhodes.

Anyway, as per usual, we woke up before I actually made it fully into orbit so I guess the crew of the I.S.S. was just outta-luck -- unless it's an irony thing where I end up being the one who can't complete the mission and Iron Man and War Machine did it instead?!

Maybe, I'll have a sequel dream to find out!

So, there we go. Obviously, the Supernatural related dream was the favorite with the Dean-kissage and butt patting going on. Plus it was in-universe, while my Buffy and Angel related dreams were from a real-life perspective and since I wasn't actually an actor in the show themselves, it was much less fun. Especially when Charisma turned icy during her interview.


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