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Updating with update

Just a very, very quickie post here: I'm working on beta-ing Charles' mega-epic story combining elements from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, WATCHERS: The Virtual Series, and his own prior fics spun off from WATCHERS... *whew* -- you can't accuse him of not being ambitious.

Anyway, I want to prioritize this over reviewage so he isn't waiting indefinitely. Once I'm finished however, here is how things will play out:

Next is BTVS: Innocent still

Movie review: She Gods of Shark Reef, which I've not seen, so it'll be new to me.

Supernatural: Phantom Traveler

X-Files: Deep Throat

And then from here, I'm not completely positive, but I'm leaning toward Angel, S6, Issues 32 & 33.

That is all ... go on, scoot -- go surf elsewhere.

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