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My updates, 'cause I'm not ignoring reviewing -- really!

So, my last day at ye ol' job was this morning. It's very weird. I've been there 8-ish years. Now, I'm starting over again. I start the new jobbie tomorrow night. Over this week, things may be a bit rough in my being incommunicado... or not... I'm not sure.

I'm not expecting a lot of stress because I'm basically sliding back into a job I already know with a company that I already did this work for before as a contractor, so everything should be familiar. And, the shift itself shouldn't interfere with my odd sleep patterns, or my ability to do some serious reviewing and getting Surprise and Innocence out this week. (Except, if you've been reading me for any length of time, you know about my unreliable history with saying a review is being posted and then it takes days and days later for it to show up.)

Also, Charles Kelly has failed to learn a valuable lesson  :-)  and so may be having me Beta a WATCHERS-fanfic epic story he's got going. I'm a bit intimidated by the prospect, but I'm also really excited by the chance... assuming he doesn't have some sort of moment of clarity and call the whole thing off.

Currently - I'm 8 minutes into BTVS: Surprise and already have 6 commentary entries. This could be a long one. Especially if I go through with my current plan of having both episodes' reviews completed and ready to post before I actually place them on this-here-site. The two of them are so tied to one another, that I can't seem to commentary on Surprise without referencing Innocence and how the whole series gets impacted.

There are also a couple of fanfics in the SPN & BTVS realms that I'd like to do mini-reviews/recommends on, but they're not out of WIP status yet, so they're on my radar.

How are all of you doing?


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