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  We have a vote/poll, thingie y'all! And because I love both shows, I'm sharing because I want y'all to visit and vote if you haven't already. Now, SPN is winning at this point, which I can sorta understand, but disagree with.

  For my vote, I gotta go with Buffy. I just think it is overall better written. SPN has some really great storylines, especially the whole CAIN/ABEL thing between Sam and Dean and Lucifer and Michael and I really loved them for actually sending Dean to Hell and then having Sam sacrifice himself... but that doesn't change the fact that we had this stuff in Buffy: Sam and Dean -- Angel and Buffy = Lucifer/Sam vs Dean -- Angel/Angelus vs Buffy; Dean goes to Hell -- Angel goes to Hell; Sam sacrifices self for the world -- Buffy sacrifices self for the world; Dean comes back from Hell -- Angel comes back from Hell; Dean deals with returning from the dead -- Buffy deals with returning from the dead.

  There are certain things I LOVE SPN for. LOVE IT. The brothers' relationship, Dean and Cas' slashtastic, but surprisingly often antagonistic relationship, the mythic storylines involving Death and God and Angels of the Lord. But, Buffy - to me - was just a better written series.

  There: that's my opinion. Which obviously doesn't apply to "Bad Eggs", since I haven't posted that review yet and still feel awfully blah about. But, there are always exception, right?

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