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Best of / Worst of Character Moments (BTVS)

Hey, guys.

The next review is going to be "The Plot to Kill a City, Part II" for Buck Rogers. I'm a bit more than half way through the episode, so I'll definitely have it by tomorrow evening and probably before.

We'll then be tackling another Buffy episode - "Bad Eggs", which... preview: ugh. I'm so very hoping it will pleasantly shock me like my review for "Lie to Me"... but I doubt it.

After that I know there will be an X-Files episode review: "Deep Throat" and a movie review: "She Gods of Shark Reef", but I don't know in what order, yet.

Now with that out of the way, I wish to present another "Best of / Worst of Character Moments" posting for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We'll be taking a look at our character's big moments in the absolutely wonderful "Prophecy Girl". This is easily the best episode of Buffy Season 1 and is one of my personal faves.

Our Characters Make Us Proud:

Buffy Summers: Oh, PULEEZE. Is there any question on what I'm choosing in this one?! Buffy punching out Giles to keep him from taking her place and willingly walking to her foretold death to stop The Master. I've never been more proud of her... until S5's swan dive. Sure, she shouldn't have gone after all... stupid half-told prophecies of doom... but she didn't know that. The fact that she stood up and faced her destiny is an awesome moment for her.

Xander Harris: Let's face it, Xan's motives are always an issue, especially while Angel is in the picture. He's often motivated by petty jealousy and possessiveness when it comes to Buffy, but his choosing to go after her to save her into the belly of the beast cannot be tarnished, for me, just because he happens to have an unrequited love that makes him a jerk too often.

Willow Rosenberg: I have a thing with this one. I WANT so much to choose Willow's turning down Xander's offer of her being his backup date for the dance as the best character moment for Will. It's certainly my favorite of the two, but I do think that Willow pulling herself together in the aftermath of her trauma in order to assist Giles and Buffy is a stronger personal moment for her. I have to give it to that, instead, but I do so love her telling Xander "No".

Rupert Giles: God, Giles breaks my heart in the library scene. That's not really a best character moment, I just want to point it out. No, I think I must give it to Giles' being willing to stand in Buffy's stead after her emotional collapse against The Master. In the aftermath of her "quitting", he doesn't guilt trip her. He doesn't try to order her. He doesn't badger her about her calling or her duty. He instead wants to shield her by facing The Master himself.

Of course, he'll end up unconscious at the end of Buffy's haymaker, but it's the intent that counts.

Cordelia Chase: How about Cordelia coming to the rescue of Willow and Jenny Calendar?! That was frickin' awesome... as was her mode of delivering them all to the (questionable) safety of the library!

How Our Characters Make Us Wince:

Buffy Summers: I think we know what I must choose, even though I don't want to. Buffy turns on Giles and Angel. Is it reprehensible... NO! Is it understandable... YES! Would I be angry at her if I was in that library being harangued at under the circumstances... HELL, NO!

But, being justified doesn't make it any less of a weakness of character to turn her anger on her mentor and her boyfriend. I think I'd have to give the edge for worst moment to her lashing out at Angel, though. After all, you could justify her anger at Giles... he's the one that dragged her back into all of this in "Welcome to the Hellmouth". Angel is just trying to come up with an alternate plan to stop The Master that doesn't involve her dying.

Xander Harris: Wow. The level of selfishness in inviting Willow to the dance after Buffy turns him down. This is especially true when the dialog strongly suggests that he is aware of how Willow feels about him a moment later. I'm really appalled.

Willow Rosenberg: Willow actually comes off well throughout this episode, but I think I do need to point to her catty "Why is she in the club?" comment about Jenny when the woman is standing right there. That was just rude... funny, but rude.

Rupert Giles: Again, this is completely understandable under the circumstances... but his utter helplessness in the face of Buffy's obvious devastation over the news about her fate is pretty awkward. I mean he's just left flailing here... and then he brings up that no one else can stop The Master's rise, after he just inadvertently told her it would kill her? FAIL.

Cordelia Chase: Well... despite the real growth of Cordelia's character, she does still have that self-absorption problem. I'd point to the minor, but still weak of character, moment when she acts like her talking to Willow at the dance is somehow payment enough for Willow to help her with the sound system setup. Actually, Cordy comes off her best of the season in this episode as well as Buffy. Still... self-centeredness remains.

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