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Best of/ Worst of Character Moments (the Winchesters)

Best of / Worst of our Winchesters:

Supernatural has some great brother-moments throughout the season, but y'know, sometimes they're not very nice guys. Dean, especially, can be judgmental and insensitive. But, these things are mostly for the future. We're still in very early season 1 episodes here, before the meaty character moments really start.

But, still, we've got heroics going on, so it should be pretty easy to find some outstanding character moments, right? Let's take a look with S1, E3 -- "Dead in the Water":

Our Boys Are Great People!

Dean Winchester: Well, this one is easy -- Dean dove into a lake where the ghostly killer is to retrieve Lucas, the son. And, he saves him! Yay, hero-moment. Not at all shocking, and not as big a moment as it was meant, since we all knew the boy would be saved... but the cliche isn't Dean's fault.

Sam Winchester: I'm also going to go with the 'diving into the lake after Lucas' scene for Sam. He does save Amy Acker from a bathtub drowning, but y'know, the diving into the lake where the other victims vanished was a lot more risky. And sure, Dean got to Lucas instead of Sammy, but it was still a heroic action to go in after the kid without regards for their own safety.

Why Are Our Boys Such Jerks?

Dean Winchester: Dean's insensitivity toward Sam's loss by his practically pushing one night stands on him is really gross. Jessica wasn't just a casual benefits type of relationship, which Dean knows. She can't just be replaced with a bang and it hits wrong that he would suggest that with his suggestion to Sam to lighten up and have fun.

Sam Winchester: I have nothing bad to say about Sam in this episode. He's impatient to find their father, of course, but so what? His entire point in joining Dean on the road is to avenge Jess, not do the sort of travelling-hunting thing that Dean does. I can't give him a black mark just for that.

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