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Best of/Worst of Character Moments (The Scoobies)

Hi, gang.

It's time once again for a Best of/Worst of Character post. This is my little, quickie posts series in which I sum up our characters' crowning moments of awesome and their frankly sucky moments, as well.

We're looking at BTVS, S1's "Out of Mind, Out of Sight":

Our Characters Shine:

Buffy: Buffy Summers is able to focus her attention and using nothing but the cues of Invisible-Marcie's movements, take her down. Good Show, Buffy! You Honed!

Xander: I'm afraid that I've found no Xander character moments that impressed. No star for you.

Willow: Willow wasn't given much to do. She did find the list of missing students that could be involved, but I guess her research skills gets another half-hearted nod.

Cordelia: Well, for normal people this might not seem so impressive, but for this character? I have to give a star to Cordelia for actually empathizing with another person. And, it's even a person who is currently terrorizing her! How did that happen? Cordy feels a moment of sorriness for Marcy's extreme loneliness.

Giles: Well, this is certainly not the episode for shining character moments. Giles does come up with the theories to explain to us why Marcie may be invisible. He also manages to tightly the gas valve a little bit with injury to himself to put off he, Xander and Willow being gassed to death until Angel can save them. I think, though, that his best moment is probably stopping Xander, twice, from blowing them all up in his attempts to get out of the gas-filling room.

Angel: Angel does save them, but that was mostly by accident. I mean, he just happened to be passing by the door as the gang were banging for help. Anyone not evil would have let them out. He does stay behind to turn off the gas all the way and air the room out, but he's a vampire, so oxygen isn't a concern. Angel also goes a retrieves the Codex, but we don't know if he had it lying around, or if he put himself at risk to get it. I don't know... there isn't anything particularly awesome about him, is there? I guess I'll give him half a star for staying in the combustible gas filled room to deal with it... there was always the chance for an explosion, after all.

Our Characters Kinda Suck:

Buffy: Wow, the ease with which Marcie takes out Buffy... not very Slayer-y of you at all Buffy! How embarrassing.

Xander: I have to give a half-of-a-black mark to Xander for not learning from Giles' warning. You see, when Marcie traps our gang in a gas-filled room, Xan goes to use a fire axe on the steel door. Giles warns him off, because a spark could cause them to go up skyhigh. No character problem there, as far as I see it. But then, two scenes later -- only minutes of screen time -- Xan then goes to use a steel crowbar on the steel door, so that Giles has to repeat that he'll blow them all up.

Willow: I found nothing really objectionable about Willow in this episode.

Cordelia: Cordy's self-involvement reaches another new low in her story about the car accident she was in. C'mon, Cordy. Even you should have shown more concern for the pedestrian you hit!

Giles: I don't find anything objectionable in Giles' behavior and choices, either. Although, I'll admit to a tiny qualm about his agreement with Angel to not mention to Buffy that he's still in the picture.

Angel: Angel doesn't do anything egregious to annoy in this episode. I won't even frown at him for his trying to put a little distance between he and Buffy at this point. It's a complicated circumstance and he's doing what he thinks is right to make things easier between he and the Slayer.


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