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This is a simplistic post, granted....

Y'know, it occurs to me that there are some who may be joining us late... and not surfing using the Gd'damned "tags" entry to catch up on where to begin on this here site. [Oh, c'mon... "tags" are the most useful tool... just use 'em, already!]

I don'know. Maybe y'all are savvy in the ways of ye-olde-internet in a way that I'm still not (Hey, I'm the guy who is still finding YouTube vids I love and then seeing they were posted a frikkin' year ago), so I feel the need to just posty-current-pilot-reviews for series I intend to review fully (so far; I want to add ST (not only all the series, but also the online-only Phase II) and ER to this list, but, y'know - I'm not gettin' any younger here and I want to include BTVS, AtS, and SPN far more -- i.e. full series, not to mention the BTVS and AtS/Angel & Faith and the Spike limited and the Riley one shot comic and the online series, WATCHERS the Virtual Series... and those movie reviews... and spanderverse... jeez, I really did bite off more than I could possibly, reasonably chew, considering my "avoidance" personality! And this isn't even including the insane idea of adding some comic-book highlights like Uncanny X-Men, The New Mutants, Justice League International (at least as far as I collected) and especially, because it was pretty awesome: DC's Crisis on Infinite Earth's 'maxi-series'.

Oh, yeah. I'm completely insane. And, just how the f* am I going to incorporate my total crush-object, Dean Winchester and the SPN-verse, into Spanderverse, when I've already decided to incorporate a BTVS-verse version of Charmed and Blade (the movie-verse, not the comic) into my original inspiration for writing fanfic??!

Sonuvabitca! I'm way too old to think I can do all of this, when I'm so lazy!


Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Buffy the Vampire Slayer



There are also other series I wouldn't mind including like The Walking Dead, The Killing, Oz and the American Queer As Folk. I mean, c'mon, even I know I can't do all of this if I hope to spend any time on anything else.

ANYWAY -- the whole point of this post was to encourage more clicking on my reviews by looking over the tags links.

Now, back to internet surfing, keeping caught up on the current developments of PBR, Ringer, The Secret Circle, work, cleaning the dust out of the house, doing laundry, making sure I can eat, paying bills, keeping in touch with my parents and brother, keeping the dishes clean, missing the former-love-of-my-life (sob), seeing if there are any polls I need to take on F'list here, YouTubing....

Geez. This would all be so much easier if I was immortal... I'm just sayin'.


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